UNT's online event calendar is a comprehensive, university-wide event marketing calendar powered by Localist to promote your events to students, faculty, staff, alumni, prospective students and the general public. Calendar.unt.edu is managed by University Brand Strategy and Communications.  

Event Submission Policy

All event submissions will be reviewed by UBSC's calendar management team before they are posted. Consequently, it is important to submit items at least one week in advance of the event. During the review process, submissions will be checked for spelling, clarity, conciseness and appropriateness. Only events sponsored by a UNT entity will be approved. Contact the calendar administrator at ubsc@unt.edu with any questions.

Events should:

  • be sponsored by an official university office, department, center or other organization
  • include a time, place and complete description
  • be placed in appropriate classifications

Events should not:

  • contain or promote offensive or inappropriate content
  • use ALL-CAPS in the title or description (except for acronyms)


Photos for events display best if they are horizontal and at least 940 pixels wide. The file format for uploading photos should be jpg or png with a non-transparent background. Avoid uploading images with a lot of text or small text as this will be difficult to read on smaller devices. All text included in an image must be added to the alt text for that image by the calendar management team so that reader software can provide that information, so keep the text as minimal as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

After I submit an event, can I make changes later on?

  • TO EDIT SUBMITTED EVENTS (not yet approved and visible on the site)

    Login to the calendar and click on drop down next to your profile icon to get to your dashboard where you will see your submitted events. Click an event, then choose “Edit Event” at the bottom of that event's page to make changes.

    Login to the calendar and navigate to your event using the search bar, narrowing by filter, or by selecting the date. Click on the event, then choose “Edit Event” at the bottom of that event's page to make changes. Note that the updated event will be removed from the public calendar until it is reapproved.

Can I make changes to events imported from the old calendar, or that other people submitted?

Please contact the calendar administrator with the requested change  Make sure to provide a link to the event.

How can I get a filter category for my department?

Official university organizations (colleges, departments, centers, etc.) may submit a request for a new calendar category for their events.

Can I add these events to my iCal / Outlook calendar?

Yes! Every category, search, and event page has an Add to Calendar link that allows you to export events to Google, iCal, Outlook, and more.

Why do we need a new event calendar?

UNT previously used the Drual content management system to display events on the main UNT calendar. We launched it in 2002, and had never changed it. Back then, there was no Facebook or Twitter. No smartphones or tablets. In addition, several colleges, departments and divisions were managing and promoting their own calendaring systems, so there was no “one source of truth” about all events at UNT in one place. The new calendar brings all the events together in one platform, allows us to integrate new technology and give our community the best calendar possible. (See our list of features)

Is this just another thing I have to add to my to do list?

This calendar is designed to ultimately streamline the calendaring process. In the past there have been dozens of calendars across campus but they weren't integrated to work together and talk to each other. If you hosted an event, you had to post your event on more than one calendar and many events never made it to calendar.unt.edu, the main UNT calendar. With the new calendar, you can add your events once and the information automatically filters out to other webpages. Or you can use the widget tool to add your area's events to your website for your audience.

How do I sign up?

Good news! If you're a university employee or student, you already have an account. Just sign in with your EU ID and password. Once logged in, you can build your own profile, submit events to calendar.unt.edu or add events you plan to attend to your own personal calendar platform.

Why do I need an account?

You can view events on the calendar without signing in. But once signed in, the calendar offers an array of features to help you stay involved on campus and keeps you in the know about all of the best events. For instance:

  • Keep tabs on all of the events you want to attend by clicking "I'm interested."
  • Get email reminders about events you're going to so you don't forget about them.
  • Tell your friends about upcoming events by sharing them on your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn feeds.

I don't want people to see the events I'm going to. Can I stop that?

Sure. Check your privacy settings and select the level you're most comfortable with.

How do I post an event to the calendar?

Log in to calendar.unt.edu. Click "Submit an event." Fill out the submission form completely. Here are a few tips:

  • Events must have descriptions so that people know what it's all about. Include a sentence or two telling people about what's happening at your events..
  • Calendar.unt.edu uses a lot of filters so people can sift through all of UNT's events and pick the activities they're interested in. Make sure to select all of the filters that apply to your event.
  • Don't forget to choose the group that sponsors your event.
  • When assigning the audiences, if the event is for all audiences, select every audience option. Otherwise, the audiences not selected will be eliminated from the filtering capability.

What happens after I submit an event?

UNT's University Brand Strategy and Communications' calendar management team will edit and approve your event. This could take up to seven days after being submitted (longer when submitted just before a holiday consisting of multiple days). Right now, we do not allow events to skip the pending queue. We recommend submitting your events at least one week prior to the event date. If you need events (or cancellations) to show up faster, contact us and we will try to accommodate.

My event requires ticket sales. How do you collect payments?

While the UNT Event Calendar isn't an event registration site, it does have capabilities of including ticketing information from third party ticketing or registration platforms. If you're event requires tickets or registration, you can link to your ticketing or registration platform from an event that is submitted.

Can I use EventBrite for free events?

Yes. EventBrite allows your users to register and issue free tickets. Simply create an event in Eventbrite, and include your link in the “Submit an Event” form.

I want to put my department's calendar items on our page. Can I do that through calendar.unt.edu?

Yes, log in to calendar.unt.edu and go to your dashboard. From there, you can get to the tool to build a customized widget. You'll receive a snippet of code that can be integrated into your websites. Full documentation is available here.

I'm hosting an event, but the campus building where it's being held isn't included on the calendar. How do I fix that?

Send us an email and we'll get the building added as soon as possible.

I have a great event coming up. How do I get included it as a featured event?

We typically have five events listed under featured events. Spots are designated for the following types of events - university wide events, such as Homecoming or Commencement; high-level initiative events, such as the president's State of the University; major academic events such as first day of class, finals or registration; home football games; home basketball games; any athletic match in which UNT will be competing in a championship or against a prestigious opponent.

I'm still lost on this entire thing. Can you help?

Of course. Send us an email to request an individual or small-group tutorial.


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