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On Campus
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4 years
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Get your start in the expanding industry of operations and supply chain management.
Operations management involves the management of processes and systems that create goods and provide services. Our operations management program helps students acquire the technical and cognitive skills that enable them to make effective decisions regarding product creation and development, production, and distribution while ensuring product quality, efficiency, and matching of supply and demand.

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Why Earn a Operations and Supply Management Degree?

The operations and supply chain management industry continues to expand because of technological innovation, global competition and the need to increase productivity and reduce costs.

Some critical operations management activities include product/service design, quality management, inventory management, project management, manufacturing planning and control, and purchasing and supply management.

As part of BBA in Operations and Supply Management, students learn:

  • Technical knowledge of operations systems and processes for improving productivity and quality
  • Strong interpersonal skills to work effectively with other people
  • Leadership skills for managing teams and large groups
  • General business knowledge to help interact with other business discipline like finance, marketing, human resource etc.
  • Strong analytical/problem solving abilities for creative and effective problem solving
  • The ability to negotiate effectively with different parties, e.g. suppliers, internal customers, and unions
  • Presentation skills to interact with senior managers
Marketable Skills
  • Teamwork
  • Oral and written communication
  • Operations management-related problem solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Production/service process knowledge

Operations and Supply Management Degree Highlights

Gartner Research recently ranked us 6th among all logistics and supply chain management undergraduate programs in North America.
The International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management placed us in its top five internationally for research productivity.

Our faculty publish in journals such as the Journal of Business Logistics, International Journal of Logistics Management, International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management, Journal of the Operational Research Society, European Journal of Operational Research and the International Journal of Production Economy.

The Center for Logistics Education and Research works closely with senior executives to develop career placement and internship opportunities for students.
The DFW area is a national leader in distribution, transportation and logistics services, with more than 500 motor carriers, 50 air cargo carriers and three of the nation's top freight rail lines operating in the region. Students have interned or obtained full- time positions at more than 250 area firms.
Our faculty have received numerous honors for outstanding teaching and research, and are also active members of the Institute for Supply Management, the American Production and Inventory Control Society, the Decision Sciences Institute, the Production and Operations Management Society, and the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences.

What Can You do With a Operations and Supply Management Degree?

Operations and Supply Management graduates get jobs such as:

  • Business analyst
  • Master production scheduler
  • Production planner
  • Materials planner
  • Buyer
  • Operations analyst
  • Quality control specialist

Graduates continue their careers as:

  • Chief Executive officer
  • Chief Operating officer
  • Vice President Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Plant Head
  • Materials/Purchasing manager
  • Vice President Supply Chain
  • Project manager
  • Director of Quality Management

Operations and Supply Management Degree Courses You Could Take

Productivity and Quality Management (3 hrs)
Coverage of topics related to quality science and quality improvement including acceptance sampling, total quality management, process control and their impact on productivity.
Global Alliances and International Supply Chain Management (3 hrs)
Supply chain and alliance strategy in the multi-national firms. Materials management, international sourcing and distribution, and importing/exporting procedures. International carrier management and operations are examined.
Management Science (3 hrs)
Introduction to operations research for business decision making. Spreadsheet methods are used to evaluate the following deterministic models; allocation problems, linear programming, sequencing and scheduling, and network models.
Logistics and Supply Chain Management (3 hrs)
Analysis and design of domestic and international logistics systems. Topics include transportation, warehousing, inventory control, materials handling and packaging, and plant and warehouse locations within and between firms. Emphasis on concepts and practices that provide firms with a competitive advantage.
Analytics for Decision Making (3 hrs)
Study of the analytics that underlie the process of decision making and the information requirements of decisions; decision support tool selection, process improvement and applications development.
Operations Management (3 hrs)
Management of production emphasizing industrial enterprises; production objectives; design and improvement of processes, work methods, and physical facilities; use of measurements and standards; production planning and control; quality control; budgetary and cost control; materials management.

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