Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2021

Dear UNT students,

As we progress through this spring semester, we can see that our testing and other safety measures are having a positive effect. We have worked hard to keep our UNT community safe and healthy while still providing the best student experiences possible during these challenging times, and I appreciate the care you are showing for each other.

To enhance our ability to give you the in-person experiences you would like, we have added a COVID-19 testing component to all of our in-person student organization and department events and meetings involving students. Testing will not be required at Commencement ceremonies and one-on-one meetings students have with faculty and staff.

Beginning March 3, students attending events or meetings in person, regardless of size, must have a negative COVID-19 test result within seven days of the event or have tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 90 days.

Students must have one of the following:

  • Curative test result - UNT automatically will receive.
  • BinaxNow test result (test conducted through the Student Health and Wellness Center's mobile testing program) - Student will show their result on a mobile device at door.
  • An uploaded positive COVID-19 test result within the last 90 days would exempt the student from weekly testing.
    • Must be uploaded at least 72 hours prior to the event so it can be confirmed. It will only have to be uploaded once.
  • Test results are valid for only seven days.
  • If a student wants to attend an event but does not have a valid Curative or BinaxNow test result, they must make arrangements with an on-campus testing partner to test at least 72 hours prior to the event. This will ensure availability of an appointment and your results being received.
  • Only Curative and BinaxNow COVID-19 test results will be accepted for entrance to events and meetings.
  • When registering to take any COVID-19 test, you must use your name as shown in the MyUNT portal (do not use nicknames).
  • Students in isolation, quarantine, or those who have a pending test result should not attend any event.
  • Even if you have received the COVID-19 vaccine, you will need to test until we understand more about the effectiveness of vaccines and the impact of the new strands of COVID-19. You will be notified if something changes in this requirement.

Please remember that students with symptoms or known exposure should report their symptoms or exposure to the UNT COVID hotline at (844) 366-5892 or Any UNT community member experiencing symptoms or with known exposure should quarantine until cleared to return to campus by the UNT Contact Tracing Team. Students living in on-campus housing will be provided guidance on how to relocate to a quarantine room.

It remains incredibly important for each of us to continue to wear a mask, stay at least 6 feet away from others, avoid crowds and wash your hands often.

We are confident in our safety protocols, which are further bolstered by the care and caution each of you is continuing to show for one another and others in our campus community. Please continue to check for updates.

Stay safe,

Neal Smatresk

UNT President