Monday, Jan. 10, 2022

Dear UNT Faculty and Staff,

The global pandemic has changed our lives in many ways, including how we do our jobs at UNT. In an effort to retain our talented faculty and staff, and remain competitive as we recruit new employees additional feedback is needed from you. I have asked division vice presidents to participate in a multi-faceted process where we can learn more about how to balance your professional and personal life with the university's need to serve our students.

In order to determine ways to better support our faculty and staff, we invite you to take the UNT Employee Experience Survey. The survey will build upon recent Gallup results from the fall, and will help each VP develop unit-appropriate plans. In addition, the VPs will also initiate focus groups in their divisions to hear first-hand from staff, including how we can maintain required staffing but provide schedule flexibility that has become so common outside of higher education.

In addition to enhanced flexible work arrangements, I know there are other important topics that you would like us to address such as compensation. We plan to incorporate your suggestions into our current discussions, and are committed to using the information you provide to make meaningful changes. Your participation in the process is greatly appreciated.

Neal Smatresk
UNT President