Web Privacy Statement

University of North Texas (UNT) values its users' privacy. UNT is part of the University of North Texas System, which was established by the State of Texas. This privacy statement and UNT 14.009, Privacy Policy, will help you understand:

What Information is Collected

Information collected includes typical web analytics, such as:

  • web browser and operating system software characteristics, such as type and version;
  • Internet protocol (IP) address, host name, and service provider;
  • date and time of visits;
  • referring links, search keywords, or web addresses of sites visited; and
  • web browsing behavior, such as pages visited, files downloaded, errors encountered, time elapsed, and other interactions.

Information collected may also include that which is voluntarily submitted by you to UNT (for example, through web forms) to assist you and /or carry out our institution's mission. The information may include that which is:

  • contact information, such as name, address, email, and phone number;
  • demographics, such as age, gender, country, and preferred language;
  • credentials, such as a username, password, and password hints;
  • payment data, such as credit card numbers, expiration date, and security code;
  • relating to academics, such as attendance, GPA, test scores, and course assignments;
  • health related, if you are seeking care or accommodations for health-related conditions;
  • content of files which you upload, email, or otherwise make available;
  • and any other information, including personally identifiable information, that UNT may request and you provide in the course of initiating and continuing a relationship with UNT.

How Information is Collected

Third-Party Tracking Tools (e.g., Google Analytics)

UNT uses third-party web analytics services and applications to monitor and improve sites and to provide ads and other information that may be of interest to you. Several such services are by Google, Inc. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect information such as URLs, Internet domain and host names, browser software, and the date and time that the user visits the site. This information is used to monitor the effectiveness of the website and to consider potential improvements to the website and for marketing.

Please visit the following pages for more information on Google Analytics terms of use and Google's privacy practices. To opt out of Google's data collection, read more about the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on.


Cookies are small text files delivered to the web browser on your device using Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption. They are used to store data that can be accessed by a web server in the domain that placed the cookie. UNT uses cookies and similar technologies to enable you to sign in and out of the web site, facilitate your preferences and settings, provide advertising, combat fraud, analyze how our sites and services perform, and fulfill other legitimate purposes related to the mission of UNT.


A pixel, or pixel tag, is a tiny image that may be embedded within UNT web pages you visit and emails you receive. Its transmission is protected using Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption. We use pixels to learn about your interactions with content. Pixels can also be used to enable cookies on your device.

Emails and Forms

Information submitted by you to UNT via our websites and emails exchanged within UNT's network are most commonly transmitted using Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption.

Server Logs

Like third-party tracking tools, our web servers routinely generate logs that include information helpful in monitoring website usage and performance.

How Your Information is Used

UNT receives and gathers information from you so we may communicate with you and facilitate carrying out our academic mission. We may share your information with business associates with which we contract to perform services.

How Your Information is Stored

UNT selectively encrypts data in storage at our campus locations, data centers, and within cloud-based Internet services. Your information is stored for a period needed to continue our relationship with you, conduct research and scholarship, and generally carry out our academic mission.

How to Submit Texas Public Information Act (TPIA) Inquiries

UNT maintains a policy on TPIA, which contains all necessary information for submitting related inquiries. You may access this information at UNT Policy 04.002, Request for Information Made Under the Texas Public Information Act.

Privacy of Your Information on Other Websites

UNT websites contain links to other, non-UNT websites, which are outside of UNT's ownership and control. This privacy statement and our policies apply only to our websites. For information pertaining to the collection and processing of your information on other websites, please refer to their privacy statements, notices, or policies.

Changes to This Privacy Statement

UNT keeps this statement under periodic review and places any updates on this web page. This statement may be modified at UNT's discretion, at any time, without other forms of notice. This statement adheres to the Texas Department of Information Resources State Website Linking and Privacy Policy.

How to Contact Us

Email web@unt.edu with general questions about this statement or University of North Texas information privacy practices.