College of Education Rankings

The College of Education is regionally and nationally recognized for excellence in preparing teachers, administrators, counselors, kinesiology and health promotion specialists, play therapists and other educators. It is one of Texas’ top producers of students taking the state teaching certification exam.

  • Counseling master's program ranked 1st in Texas, 3rd in the South and 4th in the nation by
  • Kinesiology program ranked 8th in Texas by
  • Kinesiology program named one of the 10 most popular in the nation by
  • Accelerated online master's in education program ranked 5th in the nation as most affordable by
  • Counseling program ranked 10th in the nation by
  • Online graduate education program ranked 16th in the nation by U.S. News & World Report
  • Online doctorate in education ranked 17th in the nation by
  • Secondary education program ranked 1st in Texas, 8th in the South and 21st in the nation by
  • Online master's in educational psychology ranked 25th in the nation by
  • Teacher education and administration program ranked 3rd in Texas, 21st in the South and 54th in the nation by
  • Special education program ranked 1st in Texas, 9th in the South and 57th in the nation by
  • Health promotion program ranked 3rd in Texas, 23rd in the South and 66th in the nation by
  • Counseling master's program ranked 2nd in Texas as a top value by
  • College of Education ranked 4th in Texas and 31st in the South by
  • Early childhood studies program ranked 3rd in Texas and 39th in the South by
  • Online counseling master's program ranked 43rd in the nation by