It's an exciting time. You have made your decision to become a part of the UNT family and you're about to move to Denton. You've probably already done a lot of things to prepare for this transition, like attend orientation and register for classes, but there are still several things that you should check off your to-do list. Find out what you might have missed with our list of 12 things you need to do before you arrive on UNT's campus.

Mean Green Move-In
  1. Contact your roommate

    Moving away from your parents' house can be a really big step. And moving in with someone that you don't know may be a little intimidating. That first conversation is really important for building your relationship as roommates and figuring out who this person is that you'll be living with. A great roommate relationship can really make a difference during your first year.
  2. Make sure you understand your financial aid

    Check the status of your FAFSA and make sure that you understand the difference between grants, loans and scholarships. You also want to make sure that all of your financial aid has been processed before the semester starts.
  3. Get familiar with Denton

    Though you're going to spend four years getting to know the ins and outs of the city, do a little research before you arrive. If you aren't bringing a car, get to know Denton's public transportation system, Denton County Transportation Authority. If you are bringing a car, use Google maps to start to learn Denton's major thoroughfares. Also learn about some of the best restaurants and places to shop. This will help you get a little bit more comfortable with your new home.
  4. Research different organizations

    UNT has more than 425 different organizations to choose from. This can be overwhelming when you first get to campus. If you research different organizations beforehand, you will have an idea about what you might be interested in and then you can stop by their table at Mean Green Fling.
  5. Start applying for on-campus jobs

    During your time in college you'll need to learn about budgeting and managing your money. Getting an on-campus job (college work study or non-college work study) is one way to help you do that. If you start applying for jobs early you can try to land an interview and new position by the time fall classes start.
Pohl Recreation Center
  1. Set yourself up to be physically healthy

    UNT offers a wide variety of ways to stay healthy while you're in college. This can range from picking the right meal plan, working out at the Pohl Recreation Center or visiting the Health and Wellness Center when you're not feeling well. Either way you should make sure you check out UNT's full range of resources so you'll be familiar with them.
  2. Connect with UNT on Social Media

    Social media is a great way to stay up to date regarding things that are happening on campus. Make sure to follow all of UNT's official social media channels and join UNT's private Facebook group Schools App. This will give you a chance to connect with your UNT family before classes start.
  3. Stock up on UNT gear

    You'll want to show your Mean Green pride once you step foot on campus. Make sure to grab some UNT paraphernalia so that you can be ready once the semester starts. Remember that on Fridays, we wear green!
  4. Purchase/Rent your textbooks

    After you've registered for your classes, it's time for you to purchase textbooks. Purchasing or renting your textbooks early can alleviate the hassle of having to stand in those long lines at the beginning of the semester and your textbooks becoming out-of-stock.
  5. Buy a parking permit

    If you're bringing a car for your first year on campus, finding a place to park is something that's going to be really important. Since you'll be spending most of your time on campus, buying a permit is essential. Keep in mind that space is limited so you'll want to purchase one before they sell out.
UNT Mobile App
  1. Download the UNT Mobile App

    UNT's mobile app allows you to access everything that you need on the go. Using the app you can find your classes, learn about university events, contact faculty members and even track where your bus is. This app will be a lifesaver during you're first year on campus.
  2. Plan which welcome events you'll attend during First Flight Week

    First Flight Week is UNT's official welcome program. During that week you'll be able to get a little bit more familiar with UNT before classes start. There will be a lot of different welcome events happening during this week, make sure to plan ahead so that you won't miss any events that you want or need to attend.