Call Center team with President Smatresk

Dec. 17, 2021

Add UNT's Call Center for Enrollment Services employees to the list of frontline workers who are unwaveringly here to help in good times and — most importantly — the bad.

After all, it's their voices that provide friendly reassurance and point concerned community members to the best resources in times of need. It's not an easy job, but it's one they consistently tackle with just the right amount of dedication, support, compassion, resilience, friendliness and inclusivity.

That's why the call center team was named UNT's Brand Ambassador of the Month for December.

“We're very proud of all that you do and how you take care of our students,” UNT President Neal Smatresk told the team as he presented them with the award Dec. 17. “You're part of our caring culture. You've built an affirmative culture, and it's student-first.”

The team answers all first calls for the operator line, Admissions, Student Financial Aid and Scholarships, and Student Financial Services, even working throughout the COVID-19 shutdown. No matter how upset the caller — and no matter how tricky the inquiry — the team's goal is to assure every customer that their questions and concerns are important, and that they'll give it their all to ensure their issues are resolved.

“Our team works very hard, and often we're the first line of defense,” said enrollment customer service representative Darriell Robinson. “We're like a 911 crisis center, because if someone is suicidal, if someone has lost parents in a car accident, we get those calls. The first thing many callers want to know is, ‘What can be done, how can I continue to receive aid?' The cohesiveness of this group — it shows.”

Jason Eleazar, the call center's director, couldn't agree more.

“I appreciate all the hard work the team does acting as the frontline staff for the university — for many, one of our team members is the first person they speak to when they're interested in coming to UNT,” he said. “This is going to go a long way in making them remember just how important what they do is.”

If you have faculty or staff colleagues you'd like to nominate for the UNT Brand Ambassador of the Month award, email with a description of why you're nominating them. Recipients must exhibit at least four of the 12 UNT brand attributes.