June 5, 2020

As UNT prepares to transition students, faculty and staff back to campus this summer, every effort is being made to keep our Mean Green family safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19. In addition to installing signage to remind the UNT community about measures they should take to meet all safety precautions, Facilities Custodial Services is also taking steps to deep clean and maintain thorough cleaning procedures within buildings.

Some of the measures taken include:

  • cleaning all door handles, tables and chairs inside buildings
  • deep cleaning restrooms
  • disinfecting stairs and stair railings
  • disinfecting all classroom tables and chairs — this will continue as more UNT buildings open
  • cleaning all glass windows in entrance ways
  • stripping and applying new finish to hallways and classrooms
  • flushing all toilets and urinals and running water in sinks daily to keep the water clean
  • polishing vinyl tile floors
  • vacuuming all offices, classrooms and lobby areas
  • shampooing carpets in hallways, classrooms and office areas — this will continue as more UNT buildings open
  • supplying disinfectant bottles in building common areas and classrooms for touch ups by staff, faculty and students