UNT's on-site planetarium serves as an opportunity for children and adults alike to learn about the nighttime sky, stars and what mankind's relationship is with the galaxy and the universe. It's also a great way to get out of the heat.

Built in 1998, the planetarium is in the Environmental Services Building and includes Sky Theater, a state of the art 100-seat, 40-foot domed theater where people can view a precise reproduction of the night sky or watch movies about astronomy to gain an understanding about the sky.

The experience starts with a trip through space, visiting different stars and planets of our solar system with one of the planetarium hosts facilitating an interactive discussion session about what the participants are seeing.

In addition to reproducing a view of the stars, the planetarium provides weekly showings of star-related films. Films are specially selected to make viewers feel as if they are living the experience while watching full-color, HD projections. Viewers can travel to nearby stars, jet through space, see far away planets up close, ride a celestial roller coaster or wind through electrons within an atom.

 “We're excited to offer a structured educational program for UNT students as well as providing the public with a fun and affordable learning experience,” planetarium manager Ryan Bennet says. “Serving both our students and the community with our advanced equipment and facility is a real honor and something we are very proud of.”

Visit the planetarium website for more information and ticket pricing.

For questions about the UNT Sky Theater contact (940)369-8213 or by email.