Lola George, 21, has always loved being active. The senior majoring in Public Relations has always known that fitness was her passion. However, as she got older she started to realize exactly how important it is to not only look good but also feel good.

George is known for training clients at the Pohl Recreation Center, teaching group classes and also hosting boot camps. She was inspired to pursue her fitness instructor dreams with a focus on mental health after one of her closest friends attempted to commit suicide.

“She wouldn't talk to me about it either,” George says. “It really hurt me and I felt helpless, so I wanted to be trained on how to help people who were feeling the way she felt.”

George is certified as a personal trainer, yo-chi instructor and a general group exercise instructor, all nationally accredited through the Athletics and Fitness Association of America.

Along with teaching classes and hosting boot camps, George also likes to focus on working with clients who may also need to build their mental strength. 

“I've worked with a client with a prosthetic, one that was battling an eating disorder and someone who had to deal with anxiety and depression,” George says. “It always helps to know that I am doing more than building physical strength, I'm also helping with their mental.”

One of George's clients spoke out about how much George has made a difference in her life.

“Having these one-on-one sessions with Lola has helped my self-esteem,” Jacqueline Lankford says, a graduate student majoring in music. “It has also helped me realize that I am not alone.”

George also makes a point to be an active member in her community. She has held boot camps supporting veterans, women's empowerment and living a healthy lifestyle within the black community. She has also volunteered for events hosted by the National Eating Disorder Association.

“I'm always ready to help someone in any way that I can,” George says. “The most rewarding thing about all of it is seeing the growth in so many different people.”