As a part of our strategy to increase efficiency, the entire travel and expense process has been automated using SAP Concur Request, Travel and Expense. Beginning Jan. 1, 2021, SAP Concur will replace all manual paper travel pre-approval (TBA) and travel voucher processes for employee travel pre-approval and travel expense reimbursement, as well as out-of-pocket expense reimbursement. 

SAP Concur Request, Travel and Expense:

  • automates and unifies the entire travel and expense process
  • drives travel and expense policy compliance
  • eliminates the need to collect, manage, store, fax or image paper receipts
  • creates a better travel and expense process for UNT travelers
  • provides a one stop global travel information platform for UNT travelers
  • creates a seamless travel and expense processes
  • provides pre-populated expense reports

Training for UNT faculty and staff who travel for UNT business or seek expense reimbursement is being conducted by department throughout the fall. The Travel Team has begun reaching out to each division and college by assigned training period and will continue to do so at the beginning of each month to discuss training opportunities and scheduling.

In addition to scheduled Zoom training sessions, SAP Concur self-service travel trainings are available now through UNT World Learning:   

  • SAP Concur: Request, Travel & Expense (self-paced, just in time training) -- provides an in-depth look at SAP Concur, it's features, capabilities and how it is being leveraged by the UNT World to improve business processes.
  • SAP Concur: Request, Travel & Expense (Zoom presentation) -- This class is an introduction to the Concur Request, Travel and Expense modules within Concur for departments transitioning away from the manual employee travel pre-approval (TBA) and travel reimbursement voucher process. Staff, faculty and supervisors who travel frequently, deal with travel-related matters, or seek non-overnight-stay expense reimbursements (business meals, local mileage, etc.) should attend this training.
  • SAP Concur: Approving Travel & Expense Reports  -- provides an in-depth look at approving Concur travel requests and Concur expense reports.
  • SAP Concur: Delegates -- provides an in-depth look at the use of delegates and travel assistants within SAP Concur.
  • SAP Concur: Mobile Apps -- provides an in-depth look at setting up and using SAP Concur Mobile App and how to connect other Travel Apps to your Concur profile.

As a reminder, all SAP Concur Request, Travel and Expense training must be completed by Dec. 31 as the move to the automated process takes effect Jan. 1, 2021. 

See the tentative training schedule below. If you have questions, please send them to or call 940-369-5757 or 940-369-5500.

Division Dept ID Department Name134310 College Training Period
B11000 110050 Academic Affairs-Gen   September
B11000 110100 Academic Resources-Gen   September
B11000 131300 Accounting Business December
B15000 150100 Administrative IT Services   September
B15000 152400 Administrative Services   September
B16400 164500 Admissions-Gen   September
B19000 121101 Advanced Environmental Rsrch   August
B19000 190404 Advanced Materials (AMMPI)   August
B17000 170000 Advancement - Gen   August
B11000 121000 Aerospace Studies CLASS September
B15000 151220 Analytical Info Solutions   September
B11000 135300 Anthropology CLASS September
B11000 135331 Applied Arts & Sciences HPS October
B11000 136320 Art History CVAD November
B15000 151020 Asset Management   September
B11000 135370 Audiology & Speech - Lang Path HPS October
B11000 132710 Autism Center Education November
B16000 163010 Aux Admin   September
B16000 163000 Auxiliary Services-Gen   September
B11000 135320 Behavior Analysis HPS October
B11000 135321 Behavior Analysis Online HPS October
B19000 190402 BioDiscovery Institute (BDI)   August
B11000 121100 Biological Sciences Science December
B11000 130300 Biomedical Engineering Engineering December
B11000 131220 Business Info Technology Svcs Business December
B16000 161500 Career & Leadership-Gen   September
B16000 161510 Career Center   September
B11000 110045 Career Connect   September
B11000 120300 CAS-Info Technology Services Science December
B16000 163730 Catering   September
B16000 161530 Center for Leadership & Svc   September
B11000 135720 Center for Public Management HPS October
B11000 121200 Chemistry Science December
B11000 132700 Child Development Laboratory Education November
B11000 120100 CLASS-Dean's Off-Gen CLASS August
B11000 120200 CLASS-Student Services CLASS August
B11000 137220 CMHT IT Services CMHT October
B11000 137000 CMHT-Gen CMHT October
B11000 142101 Cncl Of Fed Of N TX Area Univ   October
B11000 136000 Col of Vis Arts & Design-Gen CVAD November
B11000 110010 College at Frisco   September
B11000 132000 College of Education-Gen Education November
B11000 130000 College of Engineering-Gen Engineering December
B11000 134100 College of Music-Dean's Off Music October
B11000 134000 College of Music-Gen Music October
B11000 124000 College of Science - Gen Science December
B11000 121300 Communication Studies CLASS September
B11000 134300 Composition Studies Music October
B11000 130310 Computer Science & Engineering Engineering December
B16000 160220 Conduct   September
B11000 134310 Conducting & Ensembles Music October
B11000 124100 COS - Dean's Off-Gen Science December
B11000 124120 COS - Student Services Science December
B11000 132300 Counseling & Higher Education Education November
B16000 160730 Counseling & Testing   September
B11000 135340 Criminal Justice HPS October
B19000 190405 Ctr Agile & Adaptive Add. Mfg   August
B16000 160260 Ctr forFraternity/SororityLife   September
B11000 131720 Ctr-Logistics Ed and Research Business December
B16000 160280 Ctr4SubstanceUseResources&Edu   September
B11000 136100 CVAD-Dean's Off CVAD November
B11000 136210 CVAD-IT Support & Sys Admin CVAD November
B11000 136200 CVAD-Student Services CVAD November
B11000 121400 Dance & Theatre CLASS September
B16000 160200 Dean of Students-Gen   September
B11000 136310 Design CVAD November
B16000 163700 Dining Services   September
B16000 163720 Dining-Residential   September
B16000 163710 Dining-Retail   September
B16000 160100 Div of Student Affairs   September
B16000 160110 DSA-Frisco   September
B23000 110220 DSI-Clear   August
B23000 230200 DSI-Enterprise   August
B23000 230100 DSI-Growth   August
B23000 110181 DSI-Tech   August
B11000 121500 Economics CLASS September
B11000 132100 Education-Dean's Off Education November
B11000 132140 Education-Development Education November
B11000 132230 Education-Ed Prep Education November
B11000 132210 Education-Office of Tech Education November
B11000 132200 Education-Student Advising Education November
B11000 132310 Educational Psychology Education November
B11000 130320 Electrical Engineering Engineering December
B11000 135380 Emergency Mgmt & Disaster Sci HPS October
B11000 130220 Engineer-Academic Counseling Engineering December
B11000 130350 Engineering Technology Engineering December
B11000 130100 Engineering-Dean's Off Engineering December
B11000 121600 English CLASS September
B16400 164820 Enrollment Services Call Center   September
B16400 165100 Enrollment Systems   September
B11000 125030 Environmental Ed Sci & Tech Science December
B15000 150501 F & A for Regional Campuses   September
B15000 152000 Facilities-Gen   September
B11000 110101 Faculty Information Systems   September
B11000 110170 Faculty Senate   September
B11000 110200 Faculty Success-Gen   September
B11000 131310 Fin, Insur, Real Estate & Law Business December
B16400 164860 Financial Aid   September
B11000 136330 Foundations CVAD November
B16000 163601 Gateway   September
B11000 121700 Geography CLASS September
B16000 163040 Goolsby Chapel   September
B19000 190100 Grants & Contracts Admin   August
B16000 160700 Health & Wellness-Gen   September
B11000 121800 History CLASS September
B11000 140100 Honors College-Dean's Off Honors  October
B11000 137310 Hospitality & Tourism CMHT October
B16000 163800 Housing-Admin   September
B16000 163801 Housing-Custodial   September
B11000 135210 HPS-Advising HPS October
B11000 135100 HPS-Dean's Off-Gen HPS October
B11000 135220 HPS-ITS Services HPS October
B11000 131320 Info Tech & Decision Sci Business December
B11000 133310 Information Science INFO November
B11000 133200 Information-Advis & Admiss INFO November
B11000 133100 Information-Dean's Off INFO November
B11000 133240 Information-Tech Svc Group INFO November
B21000 210000 Inst Equity & Div-Gen   September
B16400 110110 Inst Rsrch & Effectiveness   September
B11000 125000 Institute for Applied Sciences Science December
B11000 131700 Institute of Petroleum Acctng Business December
B11000 134320 Instrumental Studies Music October
B11000 110300 International Affairs-Gen   September
B11000 122900 International Studies CLASS September
B11000 121250 IPACS Science December
B11000 134330 Jazz Studies Music October
B11000 123100 Jewish and Israel Studies CLASS September
B19000 190403 Jim McNatt Institute (LSI)   August
B11000 138300 Journalism-Academic Depts Journ November
B11000 134340 Keyboard Studies Music October
B11000 132320 Kinesiology, Hlth Promo, & Rec Education November
B11000 111051 Learning Center   September
B11000 133300 Learning Technologies Info November
B17000 200100 Lifelong Learning & Comm Eng   August
B11000 133320 Linguistics Info November
B18000 181003 Mail Services   August
B11000 131330 Management Business December
B19000 190401 Materials Research Facility   August
B11000 130330 Materials Science & Engineer Engineering December
B11000 122000 Mathematics Science December
B11000 138000 Mayborn Sch of Journal-Gen Journ November
B11000 130340 Mechanical & Energy Engineer Engineering December
B11000 122600 Media Arts CLASS September
B11000 137300 Merch & Digital Retailing CMHT October
B11000 122100 Military Science CLASS September
B11000 131340 Mktng, Logistics, & Operations Business December
B21000 210200 Multicultural Center   September
B11000 134350 Music Education Music October
B11000 134360 Music Hist, Thry, & Ethnomusic Music October
B11000 134210 Music-Academic Affairs Music October
B11000 134220 Music-Operations Music October
B11000 134230 Music-Schol Svc & Ext Affair Music October
B16000 161540 Office of Disability Access   September
B11000 121850 Oral History CLASS September
B16000 160520 Orientation & Transition   September
B16400 164590 Outreach & Recruit U/G Opp   September
B11000 130341 PACCAR Technology Institute Engineering December
B15000 152510 Parking Services   September
B18000 181200 PDS - Printing & Distribution   August
B11000 122200 Philosophy & Religion CLASS September
B11000 122300 Physics Science December
B15000 152500 Police Services   September
B11000 122400 Political Science CLASS September
B21000 210400 Pride Alliance   September
B11000 122500 Psychology CLASS September
B11000 135360 Public Admin HPS October
B11000 135120 Public and Community Engage HPS October
B11000 131100 RCOB-Dean's Office Business December
B11000 131210 RCOB-Grad Programs Business December
B11000 131200 RCOB-Undergrad Programs Business December
B16000 160720 Recreational Sports   September
B16400 165001 Registrar   September
B11000 135350 Rehabilitation and Health Serv HPS October
B19000 190300 Research Commercial Agreements   August
B15000 150510 Research IT Services   September
B16000 163802 Residence Hall Association   September
B16000 163803 Residence Hall Operations   September
B15000 152600 Risk Mgmt Services-Gen   September
B19000 190200 Rsrch Supp Integrity & Compli   August
B11000 135330 Social Work HPS October
B11000 122700 Sociology CLASS September
B11000 110130 Space Mgmt & Planning   September
B11000 123300 Spanish CLASS September
B16000 160530 Student Activities Center   September
B16000 161000 Student Affairs Admin-Gen   September
B16000 160000 Student Affairs-Gen   September
B15000 150300 Student Financial Services   September
B16000 160240 Student Legal Services   September
B16000 161520 Student Money Mgmt Center   September
B16000 160120 Student Services Assessment   September
B11000 111050 Student Success-Gen   September
B11000 136300 Studio Art CVAD November
B11000 143100 TAMS-Dean's Off   October
B11000 125010 Teach North Texas Education November
B11000 132330 Teacher Education & Admin Education November
B11000 121900 Technical Communication CLASS September
B11000 143000 Texas Acad of Math & Sci-Gen   October
B15000 110150 Texas Municipal Clerks   September
B11000 142100 Toulouse Grad Sch-Dean's Off Grad School October
B11000 142000 Toulouse Grad School-Gen Grad School October
B16400 164270 Transfer Articulation   September
B15000 152520 Transportation Services   September
B16000 163110 Union Admin   September
B18000 180000 Univ Brand Strategy & Comm-Gen   August
B11000 150502 University Accreditation   October
B15000 151200 University Budget & Analytics   September
B15000 151210 University Budget Office   September
B10000 100100 University Compliance & Ethics   August
B15000 110180 University IT (UIT)   September
B16000 160570 UNT TRIO   September
B11000 135351 UNTWISE - Workplace Inclusion HPS October
B16400 164200 Vice President Enroll Mgmt   September
B11000 110500 Vice Provost Academic Outreach   September
B11000 110040 Vice Provost Student Success   September
B19000 190400 Vivarium Animal Lab   August
B11000 134370 Vocal Studies Music October
B11000 110011 VP for Academic Admin-Gen   September
B11000 123000 Women's and Gender Studies CLASS September
B11000 122800 World Lang, Lit, & Cultures CLASS September
B11000 125020 Writing Center Education November