June 26, 2021

These are a few of the responses UNT Today received from faculty and staff when we asked what they're most looking forward to as we return to a full fall experience in August:


The Hustle and Bustle of Campus

When the campus is full of faculty, staff, students and visitors, it comes alive. There is nothing like the fall semester when the campus is pulsing with activity. — Bradley M. Varcoe, Police Services

Face-to-Face Interaction

It may sound trite or insignificant, but I am looking forward to being able to walk amongst the tables of students as I teach and to pull up a chair to join their groups as they share experiences and discuss ideas used or to use in their teaching. I'm looking forward to the face-to-face interaction that yields high-quality learning experiences for all of us! Zoom was great, but "in-person" is, hands-down, the best! Bring on the students; the doors are OPEN! — Connie Kilday, Teach North Texas

First Fall

I am new to UNT, so I am looking forward to the fall semester to see this campus come alive with activity! — Eraina Perrin, Equal Opportunity & Title IX

Jalapeño Ranch

What I'm most looking forward to: Bruce salad bar complete with the seemingly always salad dressing of the day: jalapeño ranch. I would accept jalapeño ranch at any of the dining halls too! — Mark Coomes, UNT Facilities

Students Moving About

What I'm most looking forward to is sitting outside during my lunch and seeing the students moving about on campus. Last year it was like being in a horror movie where it seemed like the apocalypse happened and I was the only person left on the earth. To hardly see anyone on campus was surreal and kind of scary. Here's to hoping that the light at the end of the tunnel continues to get brighter. — H. Kent West, Student Health and Wellness Center