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Hear from Natasha about the importance of showing up

Do your best to go to class every day, take good notes and engage in discussions so your professors know you’re putting in the effort. And be sure to take advantage of their office hours, too!
“Showing up means taking an active role in my life. That can look like attending classes, actively listening or following up with commitments to make sure I'm doing the best that I can in everything that I do.”
Natasha DrakeSenior double majoring in advertising and business entrepreneurship

Here’s a few tips to help you show up to start off on the right track:

Take advantage of UNT’s Learning Opportunities

Make it to class every day

Associate Dean Helps Students Find Their Way

Starting Strong: Associate Dean Helps Students Find Their Way

Associate Dean Steve Cobb shows how #UNTcares with his 24-year tradition! At the beginning of each semester, Cobb greets students between the General Academic Building and the Language Building, helping students find their way to class.

“There is nothing worse than being late on your first day of class and getting off to a bad start,” Cobb says. “I am just there to offer some reassurance.”

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