Welcome to UNT 101, a weekly series to prepare you to hit the ground running for your new life at UNT. We've interviewed Eagle Ambassadors (read: UNT aficionados) about everything from the best places to study to the best music venues in town. Let their answers be your guide to joining the Mean Green family.

One thing you'll find no shortage of on campus (besides friendly squirrels) are eagles. From the Union door handles to the brick mural on the Library Mall, students can find eagle depictions all over campus and everybody has a favorite:

Aerial Shot of Apogee Stadium

Apogee Stadium

You might've noticed at orientation or when you drive by on I-35 that one end of Apogee Stadium has a distinct “V” shape - that's because that section was designed to resemble an eagle's wing.

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The Meditation Room

Union Meditation Room Glass Mural

The Union's Meditation Room was built as a place for students to relax and calm their minds, and the feathery mural on the room's windows is sure to help you soar above the stress.

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