UNT 101: Denton's Best Kept Secrets

Welcome to UNT 101, a weekly series to prepare you to hit the ground running for your new life at UNT. We’ve interviewed Eagle Ambassadors (read: UNT aficionados) about everything from the best places to study to the best music venues in town. Let their answers be your guide to joining the Mean Green family.

Denton is known for its vibrant community, love of music and commitment to small town culture. As you spend the next few years here, you’ll slowly start to discover new things about the city. Here are some must-sees that might not have been on your radar before, but can help you feel like a true Dentonite:

The Chairy Orchard entrance

The Chairy Orchard

The Chairy Orchard is one of the most unique attractions you will see in your life. The place was created by Judy and Ann, a.k.a. the chairy fairies, who have collected all the chairs on display. The Chairy Orchard contains every type of chair you can imagine from a salon style dryer chair to wheelchairs, straight back chairs, rocking chairs, baby chairs – you name the chair, chances are they have it. The Chairy Orchard even brings out special chairs for seasons or holidays!

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  • Autumn

The Downtown Mini Mall

The Downtown Mini Mall has antiques, furniture, army surplus and so much more. Whether you want a nice decoration or a cool piece of memorabilia, the downtown mini mall is the place to find whatever you’re looking for..

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  • Caether
Dowtown Mini Mall entrance

Denton Thrift

Thrift Giant

A thrift store that proudly provides its customers with gently used items including hard to find men’s and women’s clothing with options for all sizes. Thrift Giant offers all of this and more to its customers, to raise as much money for the charities they serve as possible.

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  • Tessa
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The Palm Tree Boutique

Located on Elm Street, The Palm Tree is an affordable fashion-forward boutique that offers trendy clothes, accessories, shoes and gifts at great prices.

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  • Jada
the Palm Tree Boutique interior



Not only is Andy’s one of the best music venues in all of Denton, it’s also one of the town’s best kept secrets. With incredible musical performances, relaxed yet vibrant atmosphere and friendly staff and customer service, it’s certainly a spot you don’t want to miss.

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  • Priya