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UNT Libraries

The UNT Libraries, housing collections of more than 6 million cataloged items, have a nationally recognized digital library that offers million of pages of historic and unique content. Learn more about library services, technology and study areas.

Willis Library

Generalized assistance; specializes in Humanities and Social Science disciplines.

Eagle Commons Library

Specializes in government documents, law, business, economics, geography, political science and public administration.

Government Information Connection

Specializes locating information distributed by and about U.S. government agencies and research.

UNT Digital Library

A centralized repository for the collections held by the colleges, schools and departments at UNT.

Music Library

For assistance with research and collections relating to music.

Discovery Park Library

Specializes in Engineering and Computer Science materials and library science.

The Factory

Create innovative projects using an array of 3D printers and scanners, large format printers and tools like Arduino and Google Glass.

Students in the UNT Media Library

Media Library

The Media Library houses a wide variety of vintage and modern audiovisual materials, including films, TV series, audiobooks, video games and board games. Equipment, gaming consoles and peripherals are also available for check-out.

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