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On Campus
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1 year and 1 semester (including summer)
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Ascend to the apex of the accounting field.
The University of North Texas' G. Brint Ryan College of Business offers a rigorous four-year Ph.D. program in business with an accounting concentration designed to prepare students for successful careers as academic scholars.

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Why Earn an Accounting Ph.D.?

Students are trained to conduct independent research in a wide range of areas, including tax, financial, managerial, systems and audit. Our faculty and doctoral students use both archival and behavioral approaches.

Our program is demanding, broad in scope and provides opportunities for close interaction between students and faculty. Students are required to demonstrate a high level of proficiency in quantitative areas (such as mathematics and statistics) and scholarly writing. Our program has been changing rapidly, reflecting the growing emphasis on rigorous research at the University of North Texas.

Marketable Skills
  • Application of standard research methods
  • Conduct and report business research
  • Knowledge of core business disciplines
  • Pedagogical practices
  • Business research communication

Accounting Ph.D. Highlights

Our doctoral accounting program was ranked 33rd in the nation by the Public Accounting Report.
The G. Brint Ryan College of Business enjoys strong alumni support and close relationships with a dynamic business community.
Our Institute of Petroleum Accounting is one of the leading academic centers specializing in the oil and gas industry.
The UNT Department of Accounting offers an exceptionally collegial environment with a strong tradition of close student-faculty collaboration.
Accounting faculty and administrators are committed to strongly supporting doctoral students and doing everything possible to enable their success.
Accounting doctoral students at UNT now benefit from working with nationally recognized faculty in a wide variety of specialties in a new, exceptionally well-equipped building with cutting edge technology.

Career Outlook

Recent Ph.D. graduates have accepted employment at Clemson University, San Francisco State University, University of Nevada-Reno, TCU, Babson College, Monmouth University and University of South Dakota.

Accounting Ph.D. Courses You Could Take

Applied Regression Analysis (3 hrs)
Applications of multivariate regression analysis, canonical correlation analysis and nonparametric statistical procedures to issues in business research involving multivariate data. Topics include building, evaluating and validating a regression model; analyzing models using hierarchical regression, contrast coding, partial correlations and path analysis; and comparing parametric and corresponding nonparametric tests.
Applied Multivariate Statistics (3 hrs)
Applications of multivariate statistical procedures involving data reduction techniques and analyzing multidimensional relationships in business research. Topics include multivariate analysis of variance, discriminant analysis, logistic regression, exploratory factor analysis, cluster analysis, multidimensional scaling and conjoint analysis.
Seminar on Capital Markets-Based Accounting Research (3 hrs)
Presents a synthesis of capital markets research in accounting. Covers “classic” papers in the major research areas within the field, methodological issues and emerging issues in financial accounting.
Structural Equation Modeling (3 hrs)
Multiple regression, path analysis and factor analysis methods are reviewed. Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) approaches using AMOS, EQS, LISREL, MPLUS and other personal computer application software are presented. The basic SEM approaches include path models, factor models, interaction models, MIMIC models, multi-level models, latent growth curve models and multiple group models.
Advanced Econometrics (3 hrs)
Focuses on the theoretical foundations of non-linear regression models often encountered in economics, finance and accounting. Topics include the multivariate classical linear regression model; ideal conditions for estimation of the classic linear regression model; linear and non-linear hypothesis testing; and the method of maximum likelihood estimation.
Business Research Methods (3 hrs)
Designed to introduce doctoral students to the methods and measurements of business research, including scientific method, research design and measurement. Focus on topics that provide doctoral students with a better understanding of theoretical frameworks used in research. Form and structure of explanations, laws and theories used in research are examined and discussed.

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