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On Campus
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1-2 semesters
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Complement your undergraduate degree with a certificate in applied anthropology.
Applied anthropology is simply "anthropology put to use" (to quote John Van Willigen). It is any kind of anthropological research that is done to solve practical problems.

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Why Earn an Applied Anthropology Certificate?

This certificate aims to provide students with a foundational knowledge of applied anthropology. What unites applied anthropologists is their perspective on the world. They are trained to look at societies holistically, to respect cultural differences, and to learn about social phenomena through a careful process of observation and interviewing. The flexibility of their possible career directions means that applied anthropologists often have a creative, entrepreneurial bent.

Applied Anthropology Certificate Courses You Could Take

Applied Anthropology (3 hrs)
Development, theory, methods and approaches of applied anthropology. Through case materials, the course examines both the current and historical roles and contributions of the various subfields in the application of anthropology to the problems of culture. Special attention is directed at developing some understanding and appreciation of the problems and ethics involved in applied or practical activities and to developing the necessary skills and methods for assuming such a role as an applied anthropologist.
Psychological Anthropology (3 hrs)
Explores the relationship between the self, culture and society. Compares concepts of self, socialization and behavior in anthropological and psychological theory and research, universal concepts of human nature, and examines processes of interpretation by individuals in diverse cultural and social groups over the life span. Sociocultural contexts of alternative states of consciousness and mental illness are also compared.
Inequality, Social Justice and the City (3 hrs)
Historical and ethnographic examination of urban society and how people-centered movements might regain “rights to the city”. Focuses on local examples of urban social justice causes.
Culture and Society (3 hrs)
Cultural anthropology is the social science that tries to make sense out of people’s lifestyles around the world, encompassing many subjects such as law, religion, politics, health, language, economics and globalization. It involves analyzing human ways of life with holistic, comparative, global, and relativistic perspective.

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