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On Campus
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1-2 semesters
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The Applied Gerontology certificate at The University of North Texas helps you discover the nuances of aging and how they affect the health and quality of life for elderly populations.
UNT's Applied Gerontology Undergraduate Certificate focuses on the processes of aging, changes in individuals as they age, how society affects and is affected by aging, and how current information and technology can be implemented to help care for aging populations.

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Why Earn an Applied Gerontology Certificate?

Applied Gerontology helps students develop a sound understanding of the processes of aging, a commitment to the pursuit of new developments and research, and a belief that the latter years of life have intrinsic value and offer the potential for human fulfillment.

The vision, knowledge and skills of professionals who embrace this philosophy will be increasingly necessary as our global communities seek to meet the needs of their growing populations of older adults.

Faculty with expertise in applied gerontology, health services, rehabilitation counseling, substance use, and behavioral health concerns prepare students for a career that makes a positive impact on the lives of others.

Alumni of our programs become researchers, educators, administrators, and clinicians. Our department’s excellence is demonstrated through our students, faculty, and the community outreach programs they maintain.

Applied Gerontology Certificate Highlights

Fostering positive health outcomes across the lifespan to insure equity for all.
Learn skills to advocate for and improve the well-being of individuals as they age.
Our department is comprised of community-engaged academics providing an education that reaches beyond the classroom.
Faculty with expertise in applied gerontology, health services, rehabilitation counseling, substance use, and behavioral health concerns prepare students for a career making a positive change in the lives of others.
Online Courses make this degree achievable even while working full time.
Preparing interdisciplinary professionals who will advance equity and optimize quality-of-life outcomes in diverse communities across the nation.

Applied Gerontology Certificate Courses You Could Take

Long-Term Care Case Management with Older Adults (3 hrs)
Practitioner-oriented course focuses on the foundations of case/care management and the care management process as practiced with impaired elderly clients and their family caregivers. Topics include older client intake and assessment, establishing goals and a plan of care, coordinating and linking services and resources, and managing and monitoring care. Situations commonly encountered with at-risk elders are examined using protocols.
Sociology of Aging (3 hrs)
Twenty-somethings, generation Xers, baby boomers—all will be senior citizens sooner or later. Their sex, race/ethnicity and social class will affect their experience of aging. Course explores issues related to successful aging, including what young adults should be doing now to ensure that they have happy, healthy, wealthy and creative golden years.
Sexuality and Aging (3 hrs)
One of the most pervasive myths of aging is that older people are non-sexual. This course challenges popular stereotypes and examines sexual attitudes, activity and behavior as people age. In addition to common social beliefs and attitudes that may affect the opportunity for sexual expression among older adults, biological changes and sexual response are explored, as are other aspects of intimacy important to aging individuals.
Aging Programs and Services (3 hrs)
Introduction to the history of social policy in aging; derivations and directions of public policy; interrelationships of agencies; discussion of selected programs and services for the aged.

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