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On Campus
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2-3 semesters
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Explore Arabic language and culture and develop crucial skills to enhance your degree with an international-focused career.
The Department of World Languages, Literatures, & Cultures strives to represent the languages and cultures throughout the world to give our students global understanding and context for a more balanced education.

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Why Earn an Arabic Minor?

Our Arabic program will teach you 1010 Elementary Arabic through 2050 Intermediate Arabic. A minor in Arabic will consist of a minimum of 18 semester hours, including 6 advanced hours.

Our dedicated faculty promote excellence in research, teaching and professional service. Committed to cultural diversity and inclusivity, we teach our undergraduate and graduate students communication, critical thinking and research skills for competitive employment around the world.

We strive to establish a reputation both nationally and internationally in research, teaching and professional service. Seeking harmony in diversity, we foster global literacy, responsible citizenship and interdisciplinarity.

Arabic Minor Highlights

Students can earn credit for some courses through demonstration of proficiency
Students can apply for internships to earn credit hours for a World Language Minor.
The Department of World Languages, Literatures, & Cultures offers study abroad opportunities for immersive language and cultural learning.
The Department of World Languages is pleased to offer tutoring services to students taking our courses.

Arabic Minor Courses You Could Take

Elementary Arabic (3 hrs)
Grammar and phonetics; reading, composition and oral-aural practice.
Intermediate Arabic (3 hrs)
Grammar and phonetics; reading, composition and oral-aural practice.
Arab Cultures in Film and Music (3 hrs)
Exploration of modern Arabic histories and cultures through movies and music. This course is taught in English and does not fulfill a foreign language requirement.
Advanced Topics in the Culture of the Middle East (3 hrs)
Explores the history and culture of the Near East, from the time of Muhammad to the present. Examines the rise and definition of Islamic civilization and the spread of Islam. Topics include major political figures and historical events, institutions, economic developments, social issues (education, family, women), history of ideas, literary movements, art history, and music history.
Advanced Topics in Arabic Language (3 hrs)
Study of authentic materials in classical prose to create a foundation for the mastery of classical Arabic. Also involves more extended readings and discussions of contemporary and historical cultural topics. In addition to a review of syntax and morphology, the course intends to increase the range and accuracy of oral and written expression and aural comprehension. Classes are conducted entirely in Arabic.
Special Problems (1-3 hrs)
Various topics in Arabic language, culture, and literature.

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