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On Campus
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2-3 years
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Enhance your understanding of art and its place within society through research.
You'll develop an enhanced understanding of past and contemporary visual art forms, in-depth knowledge of art history methodologies and advanced skills in art history research. Graduates critically analyze and apply different theories and methods in their investigation of artworks, images from visual culture or other related materials.

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Why Earn a Master's degree in Art History?

Faculty provide supervision and mentorship in the following areas for graduate study: 

  • Visual and material culture of the ancient Mediterranean and Near East and the art and architecture of South Asia
  • Visual and material culture in the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas from the 16th to the 21st Century
  • Historiography, methodology, and theory of art and visual and material culture since 1900 

Within these areas, students work with an array of faculty whose interests and expertise intersect on such issues as colonialism, postcolonialism, geography, ritual and spatial analysis, race, gender and sexuality.

Marketable Skills
  • Advanced scholarly writing
  • Primary and secondary source analysis
  • Critical thinking
  • Research design
  • Research implementation

Art History Master's Degree Highlights

Seminars offered by faculty members are interdisciplinary and share methods and approaches found in history, religious studies, literature, geography, gender studies, anthropology and/or digital humanities, among others, while giving primacy to artistic production.
The program offers exposure to distinguished scholars who are invited by faculty to provide guest lectures and/or lead discussions/workshops in their courses. These visits are conducted in a variety of modalities.
In conjunction with the M.A. degree, students may choose to pursue a Graduate Academic Certificate in Art Museum Education, in which they engage in coursework and experiential learning to prepare for a career in a museum and/or cultural management.
Faculty members explore, contextualize and challenge legacies of colonialism and other hegemonic frameworks that have shaped the study of art.
UNT is in close proximity to the African American Museum of Dallas, the Amon Carter Museum of American Art, the Crow Museum of Asian Art of The University of Texas at Dallas, the Dallas Museum of Art, the Kimbell Art Museum, the Meadows Museum and the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth.
Our faculty members have been Fulbright scholars and received fellowships from the Samuel H. Kress Foundation, the Newberry Library and the Terra Foundation for American Art, among others.

Career Outlook

With a graduate-level Art History degree, you can pursue a career as a(n):

  • Art researcher
  • Gallery worker
  • Museum professional
  • Teacher at the university level
  • Writer or editor for an art publication

Art History Master's Degree Courses You Could Take

Seminar in Ancient Mediterranean Art (3 hrs)
Research and study focused upon selected topics in ancient Mediterranean art history. Topics have included Recontextualizing Ancient Mediterranean Art, Dress and Fashion in the Ancient Mediterranean World, and Art and the Senses in the Ancient Mediterranean.
Seminar in Asian Art (3 hrs)
Selected problems in the arts of Asia. Topics have included Representing the Body in South Asian Art, Constructing and Deconstructing the Taj Mahal, Architecture of Asceticism, and The Portrait in South Asian Art.
Seminar in American Art (3 hrs)
elected problems in American art. Topics have included Decentering Whiteness in American Art History, Regions and Regionalism: Art, Architecture, and Design in the Southwest and Beyond, Artists as Citizens, and American Architecture, Design, and Urbanism: Denton Palimpsest.
Seminar in 18th-Century Art (3 hrs)
Selected problems in Eighteenth-century art. Topics have included Gender and Material Culture, The Rococo and Remembering Marie-Antoinette. 
Seminar in Islamic and/or Middle Eastern Cultures (3 hrs)
Selected problems in the arts of Islamic and/or Middle Eastern cultures. Topics have included The 1980s in the Arab World, Abstraction in the Middle East and North Africa, and Art and Politics in the Middle East. 
Topics in Art History (3 hrs)
Research and study in selected topical areas in art history. Topics have included Sickness and Death in the Renaissance, Women and Design: 1850-Today, Mapping Art Worlds: Networks, Geography and Cultural Economy, Science and Design: 1800-Today, Building a Better World and The Design of Suburbia. 

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