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On Campus
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2-3 semesters
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Add to your education by learning more about the important role art has played throughout human history.
Enhance your understanding of art and its place within society. Studying the art and architecture of diverse world cultures and periods, you'll examine the historical, social, and cultural significance art holds for its creators and users.

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Why Earn an Art History Minor?

Our commitment to diverse areas of inquiry is reflected in the curriculum, which enables students to experience a range of courses addressing global art history, with a goal to train art historians to have a broad understanding of the historical roots of the visual arts, the contemporary issues addressed by artists and the role of art in a world context. The program seeks to enhance students’ understanding of both contemporary and past visual art forms through innovative uses of technology, research and teaching in the arts, providing continuing opportunities for intellectual development and career growth.

Students who study art history understand past and contemporary visual art forms and can demonstrate:

  • Knowledge of key monuments and objects within a breadth of discrete periods and regions of artistic production
  • Knowledge of the history and literature of methodologies employed in art history and material culture
  • Key discourses, themes and issues associated with the global study of art history and material culture
  • Can employ the specialized vocabulary of the discipline and design

Art History Minor Highlights

UNT is near the African American Museum of Dallas, the Amon Carter Museum of American Art, the Crow Museum of Asian Art of The University of Texas at Dallas, the Dallas Museum of Art, the Kimbell Art Museum, the Meadows Museum and the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth.
Faculty members have a wide range of specializations, including art and material culture across ancient Mediterranean, Near Eastern and South Asian geographies, art of the Americas, European art, architecture and design, Islamic and Middle Eastern art, and Modern and Contemporary art across the globe.
Courses offered by faculty members are interdisciplinary and share methods and approaches found in history, religious studies, literature, geography, gender studies, anthropology and/or digital humanities, among others, while giving primacy to artistic production.
Faculty members explore, contextualize and challenge legacies of colonialism and other hegemonic frameworks that have shaped the study of art. 
Other educational resources include the Jo Ann (Jody) and Dr. Charles O. Onstead Institute for Education in the Visual Arts and Design and the Texas Fashion Collection.

Art History Minor Courses You Could Take

Art History Survey I (3 hrs)
Introduction to the development of art forms from the earliest prehistoric cave paintings through the late Middle Ages.
Art History Survey II (3 hrs)
Art from the 14th century to the mid 19th century throughout the world.
Art History Survey III (3 hrs)
An introduction to the development of global art forms from the mid-nineteenth century to the present.
History of Interiors and Furniture I (3 hrs):
Introduction to the design, function and use of furniture and interiors from prehistory through the 19th century.
Modernism and the Visual Arts 1890-1945 (3 hrs)
Considers the emergence of “modernism” in the visual arts, exploring the development, interpretation, and use of works of modern art, while examining the historical, social, and cultural conditions of “modernity” in Europe and North and South America, from the late-nineteenth century to 1945.
History of Photography (3 hrs)
Survey of the history of photography, including developments in photographic technologies, practices, theory and analysis.

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