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On Campus
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2-3 semesters
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Explore Chinese language and culture and develop crucial skills to enhance your degree with an international-focused career.

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Chinese Minor Highlights

We work closely with the Study Abroad office to provide multiple opportunities for international work and study. These opportunities allow you to immerse yourself in the language and experience the culture first hand. 
We offer a variety of opportunities to practice Chinese and learn more about the cultures, including conversation groups and film series. 
Our World Language Learning Center provides 80 computer workstations, more than 30 software programs for self-study and assignments, multi-language audio and video media and presentation equipment. 
The Career Center, Learning Center and professional academic advisors are among the many valuable resources that are available to you at UNT. The Career Center can provide advice about internships, future employment opportunities and getting hands-on experience in your major. 
Studying a world language allows you to acquaint yourself with another culture and develop a global perspective. It also can strengthen your analytic and interpretive skills, leading to high scores in math and English courses and on entrance exams. 

Chinese Minor Courses You Could Take

Elementary Chinese (3 hrs)
Grammar and phonetics; reading, composition and oral-aural practice.
Intermediate Chinese (3 hrs)
Grammar and phonetics; reading, composition and oral-aural practice.
Contemporary Chinese Society and Culture (3 hrs)
Exploration of the contemporary cultures and societies of the Chinese-speaking world through readings and films.
Chinese Pop Culture (3 hrs)
Survey of pop culture of the Chinese-speaking world through readings and films.
Advanced Topics in Culture (3 hrs)
Focus on deepening students’ understanding of Chinese culture and society today through a study of Chinese history, social dynamics, business practices and advanced readings from sources in contemporary and mainstream Chinese media.
Advanced Topics in Language (3 hrs)
Focus on Chinese grammar and intense practice to develop fluency in reading, writing and comprehension of modern Chinese beyond the intermediate level.

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