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On Campus
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5 years
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Save time and money while earning degrees that will help you solve engineering problems of today and tomorrow.
The ABET-accredited Construction Engineering Technology (CNET) program in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of North Texas builds a strong foundation in mathematics, science, engineering and general education. Our STEM-designated Master of Science in Engineering Technology is strongly based on using advanced applications of technology to solve practical engineering problems.

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Why Earn Combined Construction and Engineering Technology Degrees?

You'll be trained in a variety of backgrounds, which will enable you to achieve professional success in Construction Engineering/Management or related fields.

Students will acquire the following skills during their time in the program:

  • Construction methods and materials
  • Computer aid design
  • Structures
  • Construction management
  • Construction scheduling and control
  • Construction contracts and laws

The Master of Science in Engineering Technology is a comprehensive program that provides for a degree of specialization with the proper selection of courses within the major. Students can choose from a non-thesis integrative course option, non-thesis project option or thesis option to find the pathway that best meets their future career goals.

Students will have the opportunity to choose from any one of our three concentrations – Construction Management, Engineering Management or Mechanical Systems – which will help them develop professional skills, such as project management and technical communication, that are widely sought-after by industry.

Marketable Skills
  • Produce construction documents
  • Analyze construction project costs
  • Apply construction project management
  • Select construction material and practices
  • Teamwork
  • Formulate applied research problems
  • Communicate engineering problem solutions
  • Apply analytical engineering methods
  • Apply technology tools in engineering
  • Project management proficiency

Combined Construction and Engineering Technology Degrees Highlights

You can join other engineering technology students by participating in student chapters of the Association of Construction Engineering Technology among others.
The College of Engineering also supports a Residents Engaged in Academic Living Community that brings together engineering majors who live on campus to enhance academic and social experiences.
Research in the department is led primarily by short- to medium-term industry needs. It entails applying advanced science, engineering and mathematics to create an implementable solution to an industry-relevant problem using technology. Our laboratories are well-equipped to provide the utmost in learning environments. Information about recent graduate student research projects is available at the engineering website.
The Department of Engineering is located in Discovery Park, a 300-acre research facility that combines state-of-the-art labs, equipment, offices and classrooms to maximize the potential for creativity, collaboration and technology innovation.
The College of Engineering, in partnership with the Learning Center, also offers a peer tutoring program for personal assistance with coursework.
In the Construction Engineering Technology program, you’ll begin taking major courses during the first semester of your freshman year.

What Can You Do With Combined Construction and Engineering Technology Degrees?

Engineering technologists work side-by-side with engineering specialists and scientists in design, research and development, quality control, product development and manufacturing.

You will gain the practical skills needed to work in the field with a Construction Engineering Technology degree from UNT. Graduates of our program are highly sought after in nearly every industry sector. Many stay at UNT to pursue master’s and doctoral degrees in technical fields, business and law.

Graduates of the Master of Science in Engineering Technology (MSET) program find rewarding careers as design engineers, mechanical engineers, quality assurance engineers, manufacturing engineers, and product managers. In addition, graduates of the MSET program may also consider a career as an entrepreneur, establishing new companies within the service-providing industries or within product design and development.

Combined Construction and Engineering Technology Degrees Courses You Could Take

Structural Design with Concrete, Timber and Other Materials (3 hrs)
Review of current requirements and techniques for design of modern structures using materials such as reinforced concrete, timber, engineered brick and concrete masonry. Relevant design specifications and criteria are included.
Construction Management (3 hrs)
Planning, organizing, scheduling and managing construction projects. Includes preconstruction planning, cost and quality control, materials procurement, subcontractor management, start-up and close-out.
Analytical Methods in Engineering Technology (3 hrs)
Study of mathematical methods and techniques typically used in solving engineering problems. Emphasis is placed on the applications of the various techniques and on the effective utilization of modern computer simulation tools.
Design of Experiments (3 hrs)
Study of industrial analytical techniques used to develop new products and new technologies, including the use of engineering software for design purposes.
Technology Innovation (3 hrs)
Topics include understanding innovation, processes of technology innovation, techniques of technology innovation (TRIZ), planning for innovation, using innovative technology, and engineering technologies case analyses.
Structural Analysis (3 hrs)
Analysis of continuous structures using slope-deflection, conjugate-beam, and virtual work methods. Force and stiffness methods of analysis are applied to truss and frame structures. Relevant computer applications are applied.

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