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On Campus
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2-3 semesters
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Add to your education with a minor in Criminal Justice and learn more about crime and the criminal justice system.
UNT's minor in Criminal Justice gives you the opportunity to learn more about careers in public sector law enforcement, corrections, court-related employment, private sector loss prevention and corporate security and investigative work.

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Why Earn a Criminal Justice Minor?

The Department of Criminal Justice is committed to excellence in teaching, research and service. Our faculty is comprised of nationally recognized scholars focusing on interdisciplinary solutions to the complex problems of crime and disorder.

Our curriculum educates you in the theoretical, practical and empirical aspects of criminal justice in preparation for your potential career or graduate studies. The course work addresses a wide variety of subjects such as:

  • Criminal justice and public policy
  • Criminal law and procedure
  • Criminological theory
  • Ethical and diversity issues in criminal justice
  • History of crime and justice in the United States
  • Police and correctional systems
  • Research methods

Criminal Justice Minor Courses You Could Take

Criminal Law (3 hrs)
This course examines general and statutory bases and theories of criminal law and jurisprudence.
Criminology (3 hrs)
This course provides an overview of the major criminological perspectives and an examination of the social, political and intellectual milieu within which each developed, and focuses on the multi-disciplinary nature of criminological thought.
Organized and Consensual Crime (3 hrs)
Topics include the study of the history, structure and governmental responses to organized crime and special emphasis is placed on consensual crimes such as drug abuse and trafficking, prostitution, pornography and gambling.
Diversity Issues in Criminal Justice (3 hrs)
This course critically examines race, gender and other diversity issues within the U.S. criminal justice system. Topics of emphasis include the importance of diversity issues in the development, organization and operation of the criminal justice system.
Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice (3 hrs)
Students will study ethical issues facing the criminal justice system and problems confronting police, the courts and the juvenile and correctional systems.
Crime and Justice in the United States (3 hrs)
This course examines the societal responses to people and organizations that violate criminal codes; discusses the history, development, organization and philosophy of the justice process; and analyzes the complex inter-relationships between the major components of the criminal justice system (police, courts and corrections).

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