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On Campus
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4 years
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Develop digital retailing competencies and launch your career in e-commerce and the retail industry.
UNT Digital Retailing program offers innovative and industry-relevant courses that prepare students to compete in this digital-driven retail landscape. The curriculum is structured to develop versatile digital retailing competencies in content management systems, digital platforms, digital retail analytics, digital retail strategies, social media marketing, SEO marketing, user experience, website design, and content development and strategy.

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Why Earn a Digital Retailing Degree?

Companies are placing more emphasis on digital retailing as they respond to today's digitally connected consumers. Consumers expect seamless experiences across all touchpoints and devices — whether in-store, at home, at work or on the road.

By taking courses in design architecture, social media, digital retailing analytics, consumer behavior, buying, sourcing, and logistics, students learn marketable skills that can be leveraged across many product categories. Competencies in diversity, research methods, technology applications, consumer theory, and omnichannel strategies and make graduates of the digital retailing program ready to lead a 21st century workforce.

Marketable Skills
  • Consumer theories/strategies in omnichannel
  • Teamwork
  • Effectively use industry technological applications
  • Multi-cultural/diversity competencies
  • Basic research methods

Digital Retailing Degree Highlights

Learning opportunities extend beyond the classroom. Our Dallas Study Tour provides you with access to leading omnichannel retail businesses for on-site lectures and tours.
We offer a study abroad program in Europe and courses to study the Silicon Valley, San Francisco and New York markets. The Innovation Center for Consumer Insights hosts educational events and offers competitive industry-financed grants for student research.
Many of our faculty members have been honored by the National Retail Federation, the International Textile and Apparel Association, and the American Textile Manufacturers Institute.
You can join other students who share your interest in digital retailing through the Merchandising Inc. student organization and the National Retail Federation Student Association.
The DFW area has a large concentration of retail outlets and corporate headquarters (J.C. Penney Co., Pier 1 Imports, The Container Store, Fossil, Zale Corp. and Neiman Marcus, among others). We consult with these business leaders to develop programs and curricula reflecting the region's workforce needs.
Through an interdisciplinary approach and innovative curriculum, you'll learn about merchandising processes, marketing, consumer segments and design architecture in digital channels.

What can you do with a degree in Digital Retailing?

Graduates of the program pursue careers as:

  • E-commerce managers
  • E-commerce merchandisers
  • Web analytics specialists
  • Forecasting and planning specialists
  • Usability and A/B testing specialists
  • Search engine optimization/search engine marketing managers
  • Project managers
  • Social media managers

Digital Retailing Degree Courses You Could Take

Managing a Diverse Workforce (3 hrs)
Workforce diversity provides strength in the current global business environment. Investigates the concepts, policies and practices facing professionals in the global workplace.
Introduction to Digital Retailing (3 hrs)
Survey of electronic merchandising and its application to consumer products and services for business to business and business to consumer. Introduction to electronic merchandising theory, terminology, resources, industry participants and career opportunities.
Consumer Engagement in Digital Channels (3 hrs)
Students examine emerging digital technologies and their impact on the consumer experience. Emphasis is on exploration of new technologies and critical evaluation of their influence on merchandising and hospitality management strategies.
Consumers in a Global Market (3 hrs)
Cross-cultural comparisons using systems, human needs, and consumer behavior frameworks are integrated with critical, empirical and creative thinking processes to develop a global perspective that is sensitive to diverse consumers’ needs and preferences for products and services in a global market. This class helps students gather the tools necessary for full engagement in the undergraduate experience by having them examine their own value systems and compare and contrast them with other cultures’ in a consumption context.
New York Study Tour for Merchandising and Digital Retailing (3 hrs)
Experience fashion and home furnishings industries through visits to manufacturing facilities, retail establishments, museums, historical structures, and industry support organizations in New York. Pre-trip and post-trip classes required.
Creating Consumer Experiences (3 hrs)
Exploration of the dynamic merging of retail merchandising, hospitality, and entertainment industries to create total consumer experiences. Topics include evolution of consumption, symbolic consumption, ritual consumption, sensory consumption, consumer efficiency; entertainment, thematic, lifestyle and value experiences; branding, brand extension and strategic alliance; and global experiential retailing.

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