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On Campus
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2-3 semesters
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Supplement your degree by learning more about the intersection of Geography and Economics.
The Departments of Economics and Geography and the Environment offer an interdisciplinary certificate in analysis of geographic data.

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Why earn a degree in Economic Geography Certificate?

Economic geography prepares students to succeed in commercial, nonprofit, governmental, and nongovernment realms.

Economic Geography Certificate Courses You Could Take

Introduction to Econometrics (3 hrs)
Focus on simple and multiple regression using ordinary least squares (OLS). Topics include linear and intrinsically linear regression models; estimation under ideal and non-ideal conditions; linear hypothesis testing; multicollinearity and models with dummy variables.
Location IntelligenceBusiness GIS Concepts and Applications (3 hrs)
Survey of the geographic concepts and applications that support business decision-making. Examines the context for application of geographic methodologies and explores the analytical techniques that relate to the needs of businesses operating across the global economy.
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (3 hrs)
Introduces the concepts and applications of computer-based spatial data handling, known as geographic information systems (GIS) technology. Illustrates the essential methods of GIS and its applications in fields including geography, business, administration, planning and environmental science. Students gain application skills via a series of practical exercises illustrating problem-solving strategies using up-to-date GIS software packages.
Economic Geography (3 hrs)
Examines the inter-connected and inter-dependent world economy. Focuses on world-systems, production, distribution, finance, labor, economic policies and economic change, and their socio-cultural implications. Fosters critical thinking along with social and environmental responsibility.
Applied Retail Geography (3 hrs)
Survey of the geographic principles and techniques used in the analysis of retail markets and locations. Examines the key characteristics of modern urban markets and commercial economies, and how geography makes a contribution to effective planning for retail firms.

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