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Make a difference in the lives of students from the highest administrative levels with a Master's in Education.
The University of North Texas can help you take that commitment to excellence one step further. Our accelerated online Master of Education in Educational Leadership program will inspire you with new ideas and open doors to opportunities, and our program will lead you to certification to serve as a principle.

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Why Earn a Educational Leadership Master's?

Our accelerated online master’s in Educational Leadership will inspire you with new ideas and open doors to opportunities. The program emphasizes current theory and research to inform educational leaders as they make decisions regarding positive school culture, effective teaching practices, and student achievement.

The Master of Education degree in Educational Leadership focuses on the skills and knowledge required for campus-level and central office administration careers. At the University of North Texas, you can earn a master's degree and principal certification simultaneously or, if you already have a master's degree, you can complete course work for certification only.

We stress effective instruction, curriculum development and assessment in all of our courses. You use theory and research to make decisions and apply your learning to real-world situations. Courses are presented in an accelerated online format, consisting of classes that last eight weeks. You can earn a master's degree and principal as instructional leader certificate in one year.

Marketable Skills
  • Lead school-level learning organizations
  • Ethically engage school-level communities
  • Multicultural/diversity competencies
  • Foster human capacity/organizational culture
  • Manage resources promoting student success

Educational Leadership Master's Highlights

College of Education ranked 1st in the North Texas region among public graduate schools, 3rd among public graduate schools in Texas, 68th among public graduate schools and 89th overall in the nation by U.S. News & World Report
College of Education ranked 9th in Texas and 66th in the South by
Faculty advisors will assist you in your efforts to successfully complete and earn your selected doctoral degree. EDLE faculty possess training and experience as principals, central office administrators, assistant superintendents and superintendents.
The Donald A. Buchholz Scholarship is intended for doctoral students enrolled in educational leadership.
The Mike Moses Endowed Fellowship supports advanced Ed.D. and Ph.D. students with a one year campus research fellowship.
The College of Education is regionally and nationally recognized for excellence in preparing teachers, administrators, counselors, kinesiology and health promotion specialists, play therapists and other educators.

What Can You do With a Educational Leadership Master's?

A master's degree in Educational Leadership can advance your career in a variety of positions. These opportunities include becoming a principal, academic director, college provost, curriculum developer, educational consultant, or tutor.

Educational Leadership Master's Courses You Could Take

Instructional Leadership (3 hrs)
Study of instructional leadership as it relates to the improvement of instruction, effective schools and ongoing effective program delivery by personnel. Areas to be explored and discussed include significant and recent research and best practices of instructional leadership, learning theory, the change process, school climate and culture, effective teaching methods and the relationship of instruction to curriculum.
Management of School Resources (3 hrs)
Study and analysis of school resources including financial, budgetary and capital resources with particular application to school building-level administrators. Focuses on theory as well as management.
Race, Class and Gender Issues in Education (3 hrs)
Race, class and gender inequities exist throughout educational systems. Students critically examine issues related to providing leadership for a diverse student population.
School Communications and Public Relations (3 hrs)
Every administrator in an educational organization has a responsibility to engage in public relations on a daily basis. The primary objective of this course is to examine school-based public relations with the context of life in an information age, practice in schools shared decision making, and sustained demands for school improvement.
Administration and Leadership for Student Educational Services (3 hrs)
Designed to investigate the values, theoretical bases, best practices and challenges for leaders who administer student educational services at the school or district levels. Provides a review of federal laws, rules, regulations and expectations for students placed at risk in educational settings by circumstances and situations beyond their control.
Campus-Level School Law (3 hrs)
Provides an understanding of important constitutional, statutory, administrative and case law as it pertains to the everyday operation of schools in Texas. Students learn the legal framework within which schooling takes place and how it structures the decisions that campus administrators make. Primary emphasis is placed on legal issues facing campus-level administrators.

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