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On Campus
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1-2 Years
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Enhance your event management credentials.
Understand and plan corporate events, exhibitions, weddings, festivals, and spectacular productions! Learn the knowledge and skills necessary to execute a safe and well-planned event incorporating trends, industry demands, and technology.

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Event Management Certificate Courses You Could Take

Creating Consumer Experiences (3 hrs)
Exploration of the dynamic merging of retail merchandising, hospitality, and entertainment industries to create total consumer experiences. Topics include evolution of consumption, symbolic consumption, ritual consumption, sensory consumption, consumer efficiency; entertainment, thematic, lifestyle and value experiences; branding, brand extension and strategic alliance; and global experiential retailing.
Hospitality Industry Marketing and Sales (3 hrs)
Application of marketing principles, methods and techniques to the hospitality service product. Analysis of principles of guest behavior, market research, promotion and marketing strategies. Function of convention and meeting sales related to lodging and tourism operations. Application of menu engineering techniques.
Survey of Beverages in the Hospitality Industry (3 hrs)
Study of social beverages commonly used in the hospitality industry. Primary emphasis is on history, language, product identification and production and merchandising techniques for wines, beers, distilled spirits and non-alcoholic beverages.
Convention and Event Management (3 hrs)
Analysis of the factors to be considered in the successful management of corporate and association meetings, conferences, conventions and special events. Topics include special event planning, budgeting, marketing, arrangements, international considerations and ethics.

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