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On Campus
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4 years
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Explore ways to promote wellbeing within the workplace in the Corporate Health Track program from UNT.
The Bachelor of Science with a major in health behavior and fitness teaches you health principles so you can assist others in living a healthy lifestyle. The curriculum explores a wide range of areas including epidemiology, consumer health, health communication and program planning.

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Why Earn a Health Behavior and Fitness Corporate Health Track Degree?

The Bachelor of Science with a major in health behavior and fitness provides you with the skills to assist others in living a healthy life with an emphasis on wellness and physical activity. The curriculum explores various areas around healthy lifestyle choices including exercise, nutrition, psychology, and wellness.

This degree provides students with a solid foundation to pursue careers in corporate health, fitness, personal training, wellness coaching, and related health and exercise industries and to pursue advanced degrees in these areas.

Marketable Skills
  • Assess health needs/resources
  • Develop/implement/evaluate health programs
  • Promote/advocate for healthy lifestyles
  • Develop/implement strategies for behavior change
  • Multi-cultural/diversity competencies

Health Behavior and Fitness Corporate Health Track Degree Highlights

College of Education ranked 9th in Texas and 66th in the South by
College of Education ranked 1st in the North Texas region among public graduate schools, 3rd among public graduate schools in Texas, 68th among public graduate schools and 89th overall in the nation by U.S. News & World Report.
Bachelor's in kinesiology program ranked 33rd for affordability by
The Pediatric Movement and Physical Activity Laboratory positively influences the physical activity engagement of school-aged children to improve the health of students through empirical research, increasing public awareness and policy advocacy.
The Applied Physiology Laboratory includes more than 8,000 square feet of state-of-the-art facilities for the measurement of bioanalytical outcomes following various exercise or nutritional treatments.
Undergraduate health promotion program ranked 5th in Texas, 31st in the South and 75th in the nation by

Health Behavior and Fitness Corporate Health Track Degree Courses You Could Take

Human Anatomy and Physiology I Laboratory (1 hr)
Laboratory studies examining the functional anatomy and physiology of the human body including cell morphology, tissue histology, musculoskeletal anatomy and nervous system anatomy.
The Social Context of AgingGlobal Perspectives (3 hrs)
Analysis of the aging experience in a global context, historically and currently. Topics include perceptions of aging, definition of need in old age, and models for delivering health and social services to older persons.
Principles of Health (3 hrs)
Introduces principles of health promotion and effective strategies used with individuals and communities. In addition, provides an overview of behavior modification, communications, epidemiology, mental health, program planning, and program evaluation as it relates to the promotion of one’s health. Students are introduced to the skills and knowledge required to become a successful professional in health promotion.
Mental Health (3 hrs)
Introduces principles and strategies used to promote positive mental health to individuals and communities. Students develop an understanding of the importance of positive mental health to overall well-being.
Family Life and Human Sexuality (3 hrs)
Emphasizes issues related to sexual health from historical, physiological, psychological, social and cross-cultural perspectives. Incorporates a multicultural, multiethnic perspective on human sexuality, reflecting the diversity of sexual experiences in our society and world.
Human Anatomy and Physiology I (3 hrs)
Functional anatomy and physiology of the human body including biological chemistry, cell morphology, membrane and tissue physiology, musculoskeletal system and the nervous system.

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