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On Campus
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2 years
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Digital communication technologies have revolutionized societies around the world and changed how we study social interactions. Data from digital technologies allow us to gain unprecedented insights into human behavior, social networks, and social inequalities.
The Digital Social Science concentration provides advanced, interdisciplinary training in the social dimensions of digital technologies. These programs provide students with new perspectives and ways to study social trends and interactions using digital research tools such as web scraping, text mining, network analysis, and social simulations.

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Why earn a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Digital Social Science?

Social data science gives researchers and students not only the opportunity to process and analyze large volumes of social data, but it also enables them to connect big data to human behavior, networking and the exchange of opinions and other significant patterns in modern everyday life.

Expertise in social data science is now becoming in high demand in companies, organizations and public authorities seeking to get a better understanding of customer or user behaviors or in companies developing psychological diagnosis or screening tools, or making sociological and polyetiological analyses of voter behavior and trends etc.

Marketable Skills
  1. Work independently across two or more disciplines
  2. Teamwork
  3. Function across organizational silos through discipline integration
  4. Synthesize information and results
  5. Write in a professional and coherent manner


Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Digital Social Science Highlights

Whether you are a young recent graduate of a bachelor’s program or have been in the workforce for years, you can hone your talents for future employment where broad knowledge, advanced research, and effective communication skills are in high demand.
The program allows you to take classes in person at our Frisco or Denton campuses, or you can choose to complete it 100% online.
Our online master’s in Interdisciplinary Studies is ranked a Top 25 Program in the Nation by
Through UNT’s Interdisciplinary Studies program you will learn to sift through information and produce a body of work that synthesizes multiple perspectives, arriving at a more comprehensive understanding of the important issues.
The interdisciplinary studies program offers students a high degree of flexibility in designing a program of study that cuts across disciplinary boundaries.

Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Digital Social Science Courses You Could Take

Theories of the Information Society (3 hr)
Provides the intellectual foundations for the Master’s in Interdisciplinary Studies degree with a concentration in Digital Social Science. Surveys the most influential social science theoretical frameworks that have been developed 1) to facilitate analysis of the social impacts of information technologies and 2) as new paradigms for conducting empirical research with internet-based data.
Digital Research Methods (3 hr)
Provides the methodological foundations for the Master’s in Interdisciplinary Studies degree with a concentration in Digital Social Science. Surveys the most widely used contemporary digital social research methods.
Digital Social Science (3 hr)
Designed with specific learning outcomes in mind; applicable to students pursuing the MIS with a Digital Social Science concentration and to students interested in the social dimensions of information technologies. Surveys empirical social science research on major social and political challenges associated with contemporary information communication technologies.

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