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On Campus
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2-3 years
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Gain a global perspective that will help you make a positive impact on the world around you.
UNT is one of the few universities in the state that offers a graduate degree in International Studies. The degree provides students with the professional skills and substantive knowledge necessary for global careers, such as diplomatic statecraft, development and humanitarian aid, and non-governmental organizational work.

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Why Earn an International Studies Master's?

The Master of Arts with a major in international studies is a professional and interdisciplinary degree drawing on the courses and faculty members from various departments across campus as well as the UNT Health Science Center at Fort Worth. The interdisciplinary approach allows you to gain critical insights on key international issues.

The degree program consists of two components: a professional skills area and a specialization area. Each area offers multiple tracks so you can design an individualized program that best meets your career aspirations.

Those tracks are:

Professional skills area

  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Management Skills

Specialization area

  • Human Security
  • International Development and Sustainability
  • National Security and Diplomacy
Marketable Skills
  • Evaluation and assessment
  • Comprehension of international security
  • Knowledge of humanitarian issues
  • Leadership and guidance of NGOs
  • Crisis management

International Studies Master's Highlights

Several courses in the Management Skills area are available online so you can better balance academic, professional and personal obligations.
The degree program culminates with a graduate practicum seminar that integrates your learning and demonstrates your professional preparedness.
Faculty members in our program have a wide range of experiences and expertise, having been honored by the Academy of International Business, the National Science Foundation and the Middle East Studies Association, among others.
The Graduate Student Writing Support office can help you with writing, and the Interdisciplinary Research Center offers assistance with statistical research.
The Toulouse Graduate School® offers several professional development workshops, many of which are available online for your convenience.
Courses explore a wide range of topics, including refugee resettlement, conflict resolution, global sustainability and climate change, and more.

What Can You Do With an International Studies Master's?

Career opportunities can be found in government, the private sector or nonprofit organizations focusing on:

  • Development
  • Humanitarian affairs
  • International security
  • Sustainability

International Studies Master's Courses You Could Take

Research Methods and Design (3 hrs)
Research designs; techniques of sampling and scaling; problems of reliability and validity; consideration of appropriate tests of association and significance.
Political Development (3 hrs)
Examines theories of political development, including modernization, dependency theories, the political economy of development, changing patterns of state-society relations, state-building, and ethnic politics.
Globalization and Gender (3 hrs)
Explores gender as a social practice, and globalization as a multifaceted socio-economic process. Topics include feminist critiques of international development theory and practice; militarization, conflict and the movement of people across borders; and global climate change.
International Conflict (3 hrs)
Focuses upon the conditions that influence the occurrence, continuation, spread, and outcomes of international conflict. Applies the scientific method to explain the phenomenon of international conflict.
International Studies Practicum (3 hrs)
Experiential learning in the various areas of specialization of the international studies professional master degree, developing specialized career skills and enriching professional competencies.
Seminar in Business Ethics and Social Responsibility (3 hrs)
Examines the strategic purposes of the firm as both an economic and social entity within the global marketplace. Topics include: ethics in business and ethical decision making, corporate social responsibility and corporate citizenship, and stakeholder management, including shareholders, employees, customers, the community, government, and the environment.

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