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On Campus
Est. time to complete:

5-6 semesters
Credit Hours:

Gain key insights into Israel and other Jewish communities through an interdisciplinary study of the history and culture of Judaism and anti-Semitism.
As a student in Jewish Studies, you will study the intellectual and cultural values of Jews, their religious beliefs and practices, languages, literary creativity, and participation in the larger societies in which they live. You will sharpen your ability to think critically, read closely, and write effectively.

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Why Earn a Jewish Studies Minor?

It is designed to enhance the education of graduate or professional students or to provide continuing education to professionals. Upon completion, students will have knowledge about Jewish Culture in its various dimensions and have the ability to contextualize the discipline of Judaic Studies.

Jewish Studies Minor Highlights

The UNT Jewish Studies Program offers multiple scholarships from seven funds each academic year.
We also offer scholarships for studying abroad in Israel. Study abroad arrangements can be made through the department or external programs.
Students can join Jewish organizations at UNT to connect with other members of the community.
The UNT Jewish Studies Program has a library of over 2,600 books and 350 films. Our library is located in the Jewish Studies Office Suite in GAB 460. The collection includes the Rene and Jimmy Wisch Library and the Goldberg-Hirsch Library.

Jewish Studies Minor Courses You Could Take

Literature and the Holocaust (3 hrs)
Study of literary responses to the Holocaust. “Canonical” Holocaust authors such as Primo Levi, Eli Wiesel and Anne Frank are read alongside criticism, theory, graphic novels, film and the works of lesser-known authors. Topics of discussion include the relationship between Holocaust literature and film, language and trauma, literature and genocide, storytelling and history, art and ethics.
Jew, Greek and Roman: Backgrounds of Early Christianity (3 hrs)
Historical introduction to the origins and early spread of the world’s largest religion.
History of Anti-Semitism from Ancient Times to the Present (3 hrs)
Examines the history of anti-Semitism from ancient Egypt to the contemporary world. Topics include pagan responses to Jews, Christian theological anti-Semitism, the first Crusade, the ritual murder accusation, the blood libel, the Inquisition, impact of the Reformation, Russian pogroms, anti-Semitism in America, the Holocaust, Holocaust denial, and Arab anti-Semitism.
Nazism, Judaism and the Politics of Classical Music in Germany (3 hrs)
Explores the connections between Nazi ideology, politics, anti-Semitism and classical music in Nazi Germany.
David, Saul and Solomon: The Early Israelite Monarchy (3 hrs)
An overview of the early Israelite monarchy through the biographies of its first three kings
Modern Jewish Literature (3 hrs)
Study of modern Jewish literature and its historical contexts. Works may take national perspectives such as American or Israeli or transnational, global perspectives. May investigate topics such as diaspora and homelands, secularism and tradition, or gender and sexuality.

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