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On Campus
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2-3 semesters
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Discover how languages work and enhance your degree with a minor in Linguistics at UNT.

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Why Earn a Linguistics Minor?

A minor in linguistics teaches students the essential elements of language: how it's formed, learned, and used. This minor can benefit students majoring in education, foreign languages, anthropology, or computer science, and other liberal arts or social science programs.

Linguistics Minor Highlights

The Linguistics Colloquium Series will give you an opportunity to meet top researchers in the field and gain new perspectives.
You can also discuss the latest trends in language as a member of the Student Linguistics Association of North Texas (SLANT).
The department is a pioneer in its area because of our interdisciplinary approach to the study of language. This helps us to develop new solutions for real-world application in local and international community outreach programs.
UNT Linguistics is supported by an active linguistics research community with ties across campus and with local, national and international communities.

Linguistics Minor Courses You Could Take

Introduction to Linguistics (3 hrs)
Introduces students to the richness and complexity of human language. Focuses on the fundamentals of phonetics, phonology, morphology syntax, semantics and pragmatics.
Phonetics and Phonology: The Sound Patterns of Language (3 hrs)
Survey of the quantitative and qualitative analytical approaches used to understand language as a social practice. Analyzing the fluid, rather than static, structure of language, as it exists and changes in the service of people and communities.
Morphology (3 hrs)
This course will introduce students to the foundations of morphological analysis, providing descriptive and analytical techniques for understanding the internal structure of words.
Discourse AnalysisTalking and Telling (3 hrs)
Methods and concepts of discourse analysis and conversational analysis. Applying these methods to the study of spoken language.
Structure of Modern English (3 hrs)
Modern English grammar, morphology and syntax; principles of analysis and various theories of English structure; relationship between linguistic structure, rhetorical pattern and literary style.
Syntax (3 hrs)
Introduces students to the foundations of syntactic analysis and to the descriptive and analytical techniques for understanding the internal structure of sentences of typologically different language systems.

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