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On Campus
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1.5-2 years
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Harness the power of data to gain valuable insights and propose effective solutions in the global marketplace.
Our new, 100% online Master of Science Degree in Merchandising and Consumer Analytics offers an integrated program of study that will provide you with a strong foundation in data analytics while preparing you to solve complex problems, create new opportunities in competitive markets and support successful consumer-driven businesses.

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Why Earn a Master's in Merchandising and Consumer Analytics?

Understanding how consumers make choices and evaluating the factors that influence their decisions is crucial to a successful merchandising businesses. By harnessing the power of data, you can glean valuable insights that will allow you to direct customer satisfaction, gain brand loyalty and significantly improve consumer experiences.

As a student in our program, you'll learn state-of-practice technology and tools for the collection and interpretation of consumer data. Graduate coursework includes qualitative, quantitative and mixed method research; descriptive and prescriptive analysis; social, promotional and merchandising strategies; data visualization and consumer theory.

A Master's in Merchandising and Consumer Analytics will provide you with the skills you need to uncover patterns and trends that inform decision-making and strategic planning, preparing you for a career in the merchandising and retail industry or higher education.
Marketable Skills for Master's in Merchandising and Consumer Analytics
  • Advanced merchandising knowledge 
  • Application of appropriate research methods 
  • Analyze/synthesize information from sources 
  • Merchandising/digital retailing/retail strategic planning 
  • Evaluate growth/competitive strategies 

Merchandising and Consumer Analytics Master's Highlights

Our flexible, 100% online program allows you to complete your degree while keeping up with personal and professional commitments — giving you the freedom to live life on your schedule.
Our curriculum teaches you how to solve complex problems, create new opportunities in competitive markets and understand the many components that support a successful, consumer-driven business venture.
Build a strong foundation in statistics and data analytics and then expand on your knowledge with theory, strategy and global, real-world applications.

What you can do with a Master's in Merchandising and Consumer Analytics?

A merchandising and consumer analytics degree can prepare you for a rewarding career as a general or operations manager, marketing manager, purchasing manager or agent, wholesale or retail buyer, online merchant or store analyst.

You may choose to pursue a teaching and research position upon completion of our program or enter a doctoral program in pursuit of a tenure-track position in higher education.

Merchandising and Consumer Analytics Master's Courses You Could Take

Mixed Methods Research For Consumer Markets (3 hrs)
Introduces the theories, design and applications used in mixed-methods research as it pertains to social and human inquiry. Learn how qualitative and quantitative consumer data can be integrated to answer complex research questions.
Consumer Analytics and Data Visualization (3 hrs)
Apply various consumer research methodologies including descriptive and predictive analysis to develop effective business strategies. Solve complex problems and provide viable solutions using analytics tools and data visualization programs.
Merchandising Analytics For Retail Buying Strategies (3 hrs)
Explore various scenarios and case studies to make effective decisions in simulated retail buying and merchandising situations. Evaluate merchandising and consumer theories in relation to inventory acquisition and control. Investigate current market trends from a strategic perspective to create merchandising plans and develop strategies for maximization of profit.
Digital Channel Strategies (3 hrs)
Provides a holistic overview of digital retailing strategies through examination of merchandising, marketing and customer experience strategies in digital marketspaces. Focuses on how to help organizations make intelligent decisions while conducting business in the digital age. Emphasis is on the understanding of digital technologies and critically evaluating their influence, particularly on digital channel strategies.
Social Media Analytics: Data Visualization and Insights (3 hrs)
Provides innovative ways to visualize and analyze consumer network data from diverse social media platforms. Develop social media analytics skills by creating interactive network reports using various technologies and practice essential data visualization skills for demonstrating consumer insights.

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