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On Campus
Est. time to complete:

2-4 years
Credit Hours:

Add to your education by learning more about leadership and military service.
Army ROTC offers dynamic training that focuses on complete leadership development. As an Army Cadet, you will be a member of a group of students who set themselves apart daily in everything they do.

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Why Earn a Military Science Minor?

Army ROTC is a college elective course designed to develop individual leadership skills for either a military or civilian career. You can participate in the ROTC program during your freshman and sophomore college years without any military obligation.

Unlike traditional college programs, Army ROTC gives you a wide range of experiences while you work toward your college degree. You'll combine classroom instruction with hands-on training. The results are skills that give you an edge over your peers when it comes time to look for a job. Whether you're planning a career in the Army or the corporate world, Army ROTC is a smart elective course to take.

Military Science Minor Highlights

As part of Army ROTC, you'll be in the company of a diverse group of individuals with broad interests – individuals who are elected student leaders, presidents of student organizations, captains of varsity sports teams, and members of academic honors societies.
You'll meet with other Cadets once a week as a group for leadership laboratory, along with your regular ROTC academic class instruction.
During lab, Cadets wear the army uniforms and conduct military and leadership training.
Students can take ROTC as an elective course or pursue the entire program, which culminates in a commission as a Second Lieutenant – an Army Officer.
ROTC promotes a physically fit lifestyle and provides a drug-free environment.
The Army ROTC program at the University of North Texas is currently open to students at UNT, Texas Woman's University, and Collin College.

Military Science Minor Courses You Could Take

Leadership I (3 hrs)
Development of ability to evaluate situations, plan and organize training, learn military tactics, review case studies in leadership management and develop teaching and briefing skills.
Leadership II (3 hrs)
Practical application of squad and platoon leadership in tactical situations; operation of small unit communications systems. Development of the leaders’ ability to express themselves, analyze military problems, and prepare and deliver logical solutions. Demanding physical fitness training and performance-oriented instruction, in preparation for Summer Field Training.
Advanced Leadership I (3 hrs)
Stresses leadership qualities necessary of Command and Staff functions and operations. Plan and conduct meetings, briefings and conferences. Introduction to the Army Logistical System and the Personnel Management System. Preparation of after-action reports. Plan and conduct physical training programs.
Advanced Leadership II (3 hrs)
Provides students with a basic working knowledge of the Military Justice System with emphasis on company-level actions and requirements, including Law of Land Warfare. Examines the ethical standards, professional roles, responsibilities, and uniqueness of the profession of officership.
Conference Course (3 hrs)
Independent study on an individual basis on current topics in military science. Performance will be assessed by oral examination, written test or research paper as arranged.
Leadership Development Assessment Course (4 hrs)
A five-week off-campus field training course stressing the practical application of leadership management, with emphasis on tactical and technical military field skills.

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