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On Campus
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2-3 semesters
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Add to your education by learning more about the music industry.
As part of our program offerings we are now offering a specific hands-on curriculum geared towards students wanting to focus on developing their skills and experiences in music business and entrepreneurship.

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Why Earn a Music Business and Entrepreneurship Minor?

An experiential learning component will be an integral part of the entire music business and entrepreneurship curriculum, allowing students the opportunity to work directly with an existing arts organization or music business.

These experiences will be designed into the coursework in the form of group consulting projects, field trips, or other type of assignments in which students will be able to collaborate and “learn by doing” directly with professionals in the music industry.

Music Business and Entrepreneurship Minor Courses You Could Take

Marketing for Musicians (3 hrs)
Designed to help students develop marketing skills and an understanding of techniques and strategies required to promote their artistry or musical venture. Upon completion, students will have created a plan of action for an extensive marketing plan including a SWOT analysis, customer analysis, competitor analysis, marketing plan goals, branding strategy, product/service strategy, price strategy, placement, promotion and measuring strategies, as well as allocation of costs and marketing plan timeline.
Music Entrepreneurship Practicum/Internship (3 hrs)
Provides an opportunity for students to develop hands-on experiences in the music industry. Interns receive mentorship from music and business professionals, make connections, and build practical skills to manage and promote their careers.
Music Law and Finance (3 hrs)
Students learn to describe the legal-musical ecosystem, identify legal conflicts of interest, explain key legal concepts and issues including copyright and business entities, examine and evaluate typical music industry contracts, and have an understanding of finance management skills including budgeting, long-term saving options, tax preparation, salary negotiation, etc.
Music Leadership and Performing Arts Management (3 hrs)
Provides students with the tools and resources to create, develop, facilitate, and evaluate performing arts organizations. Engages students in a series of project activities including fundraising, volunteering, and private consulting for a local non-profit that allows them to gain hands-on experience.
Beginning Digital Audio Production for Music Entrepreneurs (3 hrs)
Basic introduction to concepts and techniques of song production using industry standard DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software.
Music Business and Entrepreneurship (3 hrs)
Provides students with a hands-on experience in planning and launching a musical venture. Upon completion, students will have compiled a professional portfolio, created or improved their own web sites, and will have implemented a plan of action for a music business plan based on their specific interests and needs.

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