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On Campus
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2-3 semesters
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Bolster your degree by learning more about how to create a more peaceful world.
Established in 2000, the Peace Studies Program at the University Of North Texas is the only program of its kind in the southern and southwestern United States that offers a certificate program, a minor, and the equivalent of a major in Peace Studies.

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Why Earn a Peace Studies Certificate?

An interdisciplinary certificate in this growing field allows you to adjust your course work to best fit your field of interest. Because Peace Studies courses are offered in Political Science, Anthropology, Communications, Economics, History, and Sociology, a minor in Peace Studies is a perfect supplement to any undergraduate education.

The Peace Studies Program at UNT also offers several scholarships. Upon graduation, there are also a number of different options for Peace Studies graduates to pursue a career in the following areas:

  • employment in a foreign service
  • service in an international organization
  • practicing international and human-rights law
  • employment in a corporation that invests in foreign nations
  • a profession in a non-governmental organization working on human rights violations, substantial economic development, environmental protection and/or conflict resolution

Peace Studies Certificate Highlights

The Peace Studies program brings internationally known speakers to campus including both practitioners and scholars and has hosted several peace studies conferences in the USA and overseas.
Peace Studies offer numerous scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students for tuition, travel, internships, and more including the $4,000 Vivian Castleberry Trailblazer scholarship.
Peace Studies provides opportunities for students to gain practical experience in peacebuilding and social justice activities through class work, internships, and study overseas for both the short and long term.
Peace Studies students have interned locally with the Center for Survivors of Torture, the International Rescue Committee, the Innocence Project of Texas, as well as the Landmine Survivors Network (Washington D.C.).
Graduates from UNT's Peace Studies program pursue careers in foreign service, international and human rights law, international business, the Peace Corps, and private organizations promoting Third World development, human rights, environmental protection, and conflict resolution. Most have also gone to graduate school or law school.
Peace Studies supports multiple initiatives in Colombia, Northern Ireland, Bosnia Herzegovina, and Northeast India involving research and student involvement in social entrepreneurship, sustainable housing, reconciliation among former enemies, re-integration of former combatants, language endangerment, and many other initiatives involving post-conflict peacebuilding.

Peace Studies Certificate Courses You Could Take

Introduction to Peace Studies (3 hrs)
Origins and extent of violence in human relations, foreign and domestic.
Negotiation and Dispute Resolution (3 hrs)
Introduces the fundamentals of non-litigation strategies for a variety of business, professional and personal settings. Learning and skills are developed through lecture, role playing, out-of-class assignments, case studies and negotiation simulations.
Constitutional LawRights and Liberties (3 hrs)
Decisions of the United States Supreme Court; freedom of religion, speech and press; right to privacy; racial and gender discrimination.
Governments and Politics around the World (3 hrs)
Major concepts and approaches to comparative government and politics.
Domestic and International Terrorism (3 hrs)
Provides in-depth knowledge about domestic and international terrorism. Specific focus on strategies designed to address the threat of terrorism from a criminal justice perspective, particularly involving the police assuming new roles in homeland security. Explores ideological theories of terrorism and identifies trends and patterns of terrorism and hate crimes in our world.

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