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Help people with disabilities with a rehabilitation studies certificate.
Our Certificate in Rehabilitation Studies gives you job skills and fundamental knowledge to provide rehabilitation services to people with disabilities.

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Why Earn a Rehabilitation Studies Certificate?

This certificate is recommended for students in other disciplines who seek a basic understanding of the disability experience or who wish to add disability-related knowledge and skills to their professional preparation.

Unlike other human service workers, rehabilitation studies graduates receive specialized instruction in the areas of disability and employment. The undergraduate academic certificate in rehabilitation studies provides students with fundamental knowledge and skills in these areas for effective interaction with individuals with disabilities.

This four-course certificate option addresses an unmet need in the local and regional job market for entry-level community rehabilitation providers to serve an increasing number of people with disabilities, particularly the elderly and individuals with developmental disabilities. Because this certificate is offered through distance learning, it is accessible for individuals with disabilities and current rehabilitation workers seeking higher education will also have greater access to the program.

Rehabilitation Studies Certificate Highlights

All requirements for this certificate can be completed fully online.
Our rehabilitation certificate combines curriculum with practical experience in community service and involvement.
You'll learn from faculty who have years of experience working as counselors for hospitals, mental health centers, state agencies and nonprofit organizations.
Our program supports the North Texas Rehabilitation Association and Eagle Peer Recovery student organizations. They can help further develop your skills and provide vital professional experiences.
We combine a comprehensive curriculum with opportunities for service learning in community agencies. This results in an in-depth and well-rounded education.

Rehabilitation Studies Certificate Courses You Could Take

Physical and Psychosocial Aspects of Disability (3 hrs)
Stages of adjustment to disability, impact of age at onset, impact on family. Introduction to consumer-based health perspectives. Overview of etiology, progression and treatment of major disabling conditions related to cognition, emotion and addiction and other disorders related to the nervous system. Includes the interplay of physical, psycho-social and vocational implications of these disorders.
Employment Services (3 hrs)
Covers basic job development and job placement skills and activities. Includes job analysis, supported employment, transition services and labor market analysis.
Case Management in Rehabilitation (3 hrs)
Application of the rehabilitation model as an approach to individualized service delivery. Focuses on interviewing, assessment, individualized service planning and coordination of rehabilitation services.
Disability and Society (3 hrs)
Explores the historical and current treatment of persons with disabilities. Examines the impact of social institutions, public policy, and attitude on service provision, with emphasis on the impact current legislation and research have had on the marginalization and segregation of persons with disabilities.

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