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On Campus
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1-2 semesters
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Grab the keys to your future.
Residential rental properties are a crucial component of total housing in the United States, and especially in Texas, where more than one in three people live in rental housing. The economic viability of rental properties, the quality of life available to residents, and the reputation of the industry depend upon the talents and dedication of residential property management professionals.

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Why Earn a Residential Property Management Certificate?

An estimated 70,000 Texans are employed full-time in the multifamily housing industry today. Talented, educated, and experienced professionals are one of the industry's most sought after resources.

Where will the next generation of managers and multifamily executives come from? Increasingly, the answer is from industry-specific professional education programs at universities.

The University of North Texas (UNT) Residential Property Management (RPM) Program prepares students for careers in the multifamily housing industry, offering several paths to obtain the skills, knowledge, training, experience, and certification necessary.

Residential Property Management Certificate Highlights

The G. Brint Ryan College of Business is a leader in recognizing the multidisciplinary skill set required to operate a multifamily rental property successfully.
Working closely with the Texas Apartment Association (TAA) and working professionals, the college’s Department of Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, and Law has developed an encompassing curriculum for the Residential Property Management professional.
The college supplements classroom instruction with outreach programs to infuse the learning experience with examples of problems and solutions drawn from real-life situations.
All students are urged to participate in the Real Estate Club, which sponsors social events as well as career nights, field trips, guest speakers, workshops, seminars and luncheons.
Faculty members in the Department of Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, and Law are dedicated teachers who have written hundreds of articles and books in their areas of expertise.
UNT's Residential Property Management program is one of only a handful of university programs specializing in residential property management in the United States and the only RPM program at a university west of the Mississippi River.

Residential Property Management Certificate Courses You Could Take

Advanced Property Management (3 hrs)
Detailed focus on advanced aspects of managing real property assets. Topics include market analysis and segmentation, advanced asset management and risk management.
Property Management Law (3 hrs)
Study of the local, state and federal laws, regulations and cases that impact the professional management of real property. Particular emphasis is given to the legal and ethical issues relative to residential property management. The landlord/tenant relationship is analyzed as well as issues concerning employees, tort liability, risk management, various types of government regulation, fair housing and eviction. Texas Apartment Association lease contracts and other forms are reviewed.
Real Estate Investments (3 hrs)
Analysis of real estate investments during the origination, operation and termination phases. Primary emphasis is on financial feasibility and cash-flow analysis.
Property Management (3 hrs)
Examination of the process and methods of managing real property assets. Topics include property leasing, marketing, maintenance, personal supervision, value analysis, taxation and cash-flow analysis.

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