Program type:

Teaching Certification

On Campus
Est. time to complete:

4 years
Credit Hours:

Share your love of learning languages with the next generation.
As bilingual classrooms become more prevalent throughout the state of Texas, the demand has never been greater for educators who speak Spanish.

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Why Earn a Spanish Degree with Teacher Certification?

With over 400 million speakers in more than twenty countries, Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world rivaled only by English and Mandarin Chinese. In the U.S. there are 41 million native speakers of Spanish, and 11 million people speak it as a second language. No doubt it is the fastest-growing language in this country.

Daily use of Spanish is so common in the U.S. - at stores, at restaurants, at work, on television, on the radio, on the streets, etc. - that most Americans take it for granted. In the state of Texas with its dynamic Hispanic population, there are over 6 million speakers of Spanish, and growing.

At the basic and intermediate levels students master all Spanish language skills through oral and written practice as well as online activities. Advanced students take prerequisite classes before choosing from a variety of courses in literature, culture, professions, civilization and cinema to fulfill requirements and electives.

Marketable Skills
  • Transmitting accurate information in Spanish
  • Sensitivity to other cultural norms
  • Oral and written communication in Spanish
  • Presentation ability in Spanish
  • Career preparation

Spanish Degree with Teacher Certification Highlights

The Department of Spanish offers many ways to test and earn credit, declare proficiency, waive world language requirements, or fulfill world language requirements in a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs.
Get to know other Spanish majors through student organizations like UNT Sigma Delta Pi - Alpha Pi Chapter (National Collegiate Hispanic Honors Society), Spanish Club, Mate Club and Folxlórico.
The Language Lab is an integral part of the Department of Spanish, offering support through the use of modern technology including computer software programs for self study and assignments, internet access, multi-language audio and video media, presentation equipment and numerous other techniques and materials.
The Spanish Department is pleased to offer tutoring services to students taking our courses. If you need any assistance working through assignments, preparing for quizzes and tests, or just practicing, join a tutoring session for help.
Through the generosity of several donors, as well as revenues from our ¡Muévanse!: Professional Development for Teachers of Spanish event, we are delighted to be able to offer a variety of scholarships to our students.
Immerse yourself in the language by taking advantage of study abroad opportunities in Peru, Costa Rica and Spain.

What Can You Do With a Spanish Degree with Teacher Certification?

UNT Spanish graduates have gone on to become secondary school teachers and work in various businesses, as well as continue on to graduate school, among other professions. Many UNT students also do a double major in Spanish and another field - such as business, music, biology and journalism.

Spanish Degree with Teacher Certification Courses You Could Take

Foreign Language Teaching Methods (3 hrs)
Study of foreign language curriculum, instruction and assessment for future and current teachers of Spanish. Designed for students in a teacher preparation program.
Linguistic Structures of Spanish (3 hrs)
Introduction to core areas of linguistic study of Spanish (phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics) and consideration of sub-fields (language variation and change).
Professional Issues in Teaching (3 hrs)
Overview of American education, including history, purposes, legal bases, school organization, education as a profession and analysis of characteristics required for professional success.
Teaching Diverse Populations (3 hrs)
Provides knowledge and skills required for developing and implementing challenging instruction for students who are culturally different, students who receive special education services and students who are identified as gifted and talented.
Instructional Strategies and Classroom Management (3 hrs)
Taken during the semester immediately preceding student teaching, this course provides knowledge and skills required for organizing and directing various instructional strategies in the secondary classroom. Content includes teaching strategies, approaches to classroom management and discipline, student motivation, student and teacher assessment and evaluation, and the use of media and technology in the classroom. Instruction, assignments, directed field experience and other class activities may take place on site in a school setting. Must complete 55 hours of field experience in assigned middle and high schools.
Advanced Grammar (3 hrs)
Advanced study of Spanish grammar with emphasis on especially challenging aspects for Spanish language learners.

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