Program type:

Graduate Academic Certificate

Est. time to complete:

1-2 semesters
Credit Hours:

Open the door to a new career in one of the fastest growing fields in the communications industry.
The Graduate Academic Certificate in Technical Writing equips students with the skills needed to work as an entry-level technical writer in the industry or to teach foundational courses in technical writing.

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Why Earn a Technical Writing Certificate?

The Department of Technical Communication emphasizes evidence-based approaches to preparing students with the technical communication skills they need within modern workplaces. We offer two paths for students pursuing the Graduate Academic Certificate in Technical Writing. First, students who are interested in learning more about tech comm and possibly changing to a tech comm career can pursue our Industry Path, which emphasizes writing, designing, and coding skills. Students who are graduate students or higher education instructors in another content area (such as composition/rhetoric, literature, creative writing, and cultural studies) and who want to position themselves as teachers of technical writing can pursue our Teaching Path, which emphasizes pedagogical approaches to teaching tech comm.

Technical Writing Certificate Highlights

Technical Communications offers five scholarships.
Alum Faith Peralta is the president of the Lone Star Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication.
Dr. Kathryn Raign Publishes Study on Ancient Women’s Role in Technical Writing.
The Eagle Technical Communicators (ETC), a student-led organization provides students with opportunities to network with tech comm professionals and learn about emerging topics.
UNT students hold positions in technical writing in the healthcare and medical industries (often referred to as medical writers) specialize in communicating health-related topics effectively.
The Society for Technical Communication (STC) recently awarded the Jay R. Gould Award for Excellence in Teaching to Dr. Kim Sydow Campbell, professor in the Department of Technical Communication.

Technical Writing Certificate Courses You Could Take

Digital Literacies for Professional Communicators (3 hrs)
Examination of the digital literacies used in professional contexts. Intensive theory and practice of authoring tools, content management, single sourcing and coding.
Digital Content Strategies for Communication Professionals (3 hrs)
Advanced study of content strategy skills important for technical communicators. Students learn about how technical communicators use content strategies to develop web content. Students also use and analyze major web content management systems, including Drupal, Word Press and Joomla.
Studies in the Teaching of Technical Communication (3 hrs)
Survey of current scholarly opinion concerning objectives and methods of instruction in technical communication; supervised planning of the curriculum, with special attention to problems related to teaching technical communication and to developing criteria for evaluating student writing.
Grants and Proposals (3 hrs)
Advanced study of technical writing that provides students with a foundation in grant seeking and persuasive writing. Covers granting in the academy, in business and for nonprofits.

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