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On Campus
Est. time to complete:

2-3 years
Credit Hours:

Work to challenge social injustices in a global context.
Our program facilitates students' interactions with more than 40 members of the Women's and Gender Studies affiliated faculty, expanding understandings of gender differences, cultural diversity, and social changes while strengthening critical thinking and communication skills.

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Why Earn a Women's and Gender Studies Master's?

You will take courses offered through the Women's and Gender Studies program and through other departments, and interact with more than 40 members of the Women's and Gender Studies affiliated faculty.

Faculty member's scholarship supports and sustains campus-wide discussions in areas such as feminist activism, feminist approaches, global contexts, women's social movements and explorations of how class, gender, race and other social constructs shape people's experiences.

You will expand your understanding of cultural diversity, gender differences and social changes while strengthening your communication and critical thinking skills.

Marketable Skills
  • Oral and written communication
  • Research data collection, analysis, and interpretation
  • Implementation of learned knowledge/skills
  • Knowledge of current events
  • Multi-cultural/diversity competencies

Women's and Gender Studies Master's Highlights

We have affiliated faculty members across the university including in English, History, Communication Studies, Anthropology, and Art.
You can choose between a Thesis and a Non-Thesis Option based on what best suits your individual learning style.
Two graduate students, Elaina Cassity and Bayley Votaw presented their original contributions on a competitively selected lightning panel at the National Women’s Studies Association Conference (NWSA) in 2022 on the topic of teaching to transgress. 
In 2021, alumna Kayleigh Garcia(M.A., 2020) began her role as UNT’s survivor advocate. During her time in the program, Kayleigh’s passion for ending violence against women and other marginalized communities inspired her thesis titled, "Creating a Public Pedagogy for Anti-Rape Activism: How We Learn to Advocate for Others," which analyzes TV shows that depict victim/survivor advocacy in conjunction with an analysis of the official training material offered by the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault. Her multi-methodological research worked to understand how we learn to advocate for others. She currently serves students in the Dean of Students office.

What Can You Do With a Women's and Gender Studies Master's?

Graduates of the interdisciplinary degree program, administered by UNT's Women's and Gender Studies program, will be prepared for careers in non-governmental and non-profit organizations, in both domestic and international contexts. Our alumni hold positions with:

  • The Human Rights Initiative of North Texas
  • The Texas Equal Access Fund
  • UNICEF Dallas

Women's and Gender Studies Master's Courses You Could Take

Theorizing Queer Identity, Politics, and Subjectivity (3 hrs)
Survey of key historical and contemporary theoretical debates and the political and ideological contexts that have shaped them. Critical contemporary issues and debates in the interdisciplinary field of queer studies, particularly focused on LGBTQ+ inspired epistemologies, methodologies, and activism.
Globalization and Gender (3 hrs)
Explores gender as a social practice, and globalization as a multifaceted socio-economic process. Topics include feminist critiques of international development theory and practice; militarization, conflict and the movement of people across borders; and global climate change.
Human Trafficking and Gender (3 hrs)
Uses feminist(s) methodologies to analyze slavery and trafficking. Examines current policies aimed at the prevention and penalization of human trafficking, and the protection of victims’ rights.
Feminist Methods and Methodologies (3 hrs)
This course examines feminist methods and methodologies from a variety of interdisciplinary and intersectional perspectives in the field of Women’s and Gender Studies with an emphasis on qualitative research methods.
Feminist Rhetorical Criticism (3 hrs)
This is a course in exploring the relationships among communication theories, community, gender, feminism, and activism.  This course focuses on intersections between theory and practice and will explore a range of approaches for critiquing discourse as it relates to critical/cultural theories of gender.
Feminist and Womanist Theories (3 hrs)
Introduction to key ideas in feminist/womanist thought. Introduces students to key theoretical contributions.

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