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Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle School and Secondary Education

Your Future in Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle school and Secondary Education

Do you enjoy working with children or young adults? Do you love to learn? Do you want to make a difference in someoneís life? Teaching is a career where you can do all those things and more.

As a teacher, youíll be vital to a childís development, shaping his or her emotional, social and academic growth. Becoming a certified teacher can prepare you to work in urban, suburban and rural areas, and to work with a diverse population of learners to help them lead their best lives.

Founded as a Teacher Training Institute in 1890, the University of North Texas has a long and proud tradition of preparing exceptional educators to work in public and private schools throughout Texas. Many appealing positions await you, especially in high-needs areas such as bilingual education, English as a Second Language, special education, math, science and computer science education. Many first-year teachers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area earn starting salaries of $50,000 or more.

What we offer

The Department of Teacher Education and Administration offers coursework face-to-face, online and in hybrid formats to best meet your needs. We provide preparation for certification in a variety of teaching fields:

Early Childhood - Sixth Grade Core Subjects certification with specializations in:

  • Bilingual Education
  • English as a Second Language (ESL)**
  • Special Education

Fourth Grade - Eighth Grade certifications

  • English Language Arts and Reading with ESL
  • Mathematics with ESL
  • Science with ESL
  • Social Studies with ESL

Secondary certifications

  • Business and Finance (grades 6-12)
  • Dance (grades 6-12)
  • English Language Arts and Reading (grades 7-12)
  • Family and Consumer Science (grades 6-12)
  • Health Science (grades 6-12)
  • History (grades 7-12)
  • Hospitality, Nutrition and Food Science (grades 8-12)
  • Human Development and Family Science (grades 8-12)
  • Journalism (grades 7-12)
  • Life Science (grades 7-12)
  • Mathematics (grades 7-12)
  • Physical Science (grades 6-12)
  • Physics/Mathematics (grades 7-12)
  • Science (grades 7-12)
  • Social Studies (grades 7-12)
  • Speech (grades 7-12)

All-Level (EC-12) certifications

  • Art
  • French
  • German
  • Health
  • Physical Education
  • Spanish
  • Special Education
  • Theater

The Teach North Texas Program (grades 4-8 and 7-12 science, math and computer science) offers early field opportunities beginning freshman or sophomore year in the following areas:

  • Chemistry
  • Life Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Math and Physics
  • Physical Sciences
  • Science

Contact Teach North Texas in your freshman year or earlier.

**Students who would like to complete a degree in Early Childhood through Grade 6 with ESL have the option of doing so entirely at UNTís New College at Frisco campus.

What to expect

The necessary degree, education courses and overall degree requirements vary depending on your chosen certification field. In general:

  • For Early Childhood, Elementary or Middle School certification paths, you will pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and fulfill the necessary degree requirements. For more information, contact the College of Education Student Advising Office: 940-565-2736, Matthews Hall 105
  • For the Secondary or All-Level certification path, youíll pursue a bachelorís degree in a content area (see above list) and then complete required education courses. As a secondary student, youíll be advised primarily by your college and major department.

Once you have at least 60 credits (junior status), youíll need to apply for admission to the Teacher Education Program. A 2.75 GPA or higher is required. Your program will include courses and field experiences in EC-12 classrooms in our UNT Child Development Laboratory and/or our partner school districts. Your experience culminates with your clinical student teaching under the guidance of an experienced mentor and field supervisor.

After successfully completing all program requirements, weíll approve you to take your state certification exams. After you achieve passing scores on all required state tests, we recommend you for certification. More information about state educator certification testing is available from the TExES Advising Office

How to enroll at UNT

High school students

Detailed information on recognized high school graduation programs and SAT/ACT requirements is available at our Admissions website.

In your senior year, apply for admission by the March 1 priority date and request that your high school transcript be sent to the UNT admissions office. If you live out of stateyou can apply through the Common Application.

Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate courses can count toward college credit at UNT.

Transfer students

If you're attending a Texas community college, you should consult our online transfer guides, the UNT Undergraduate Catalog, and an academic counselor or advisor to review your degree plan. Proper planning will allow you to receive the maximum amount of transfer credits.

Our Transfer Center will help you make a successful transition to college life at UNT by connecting you with a peer mentor and other campus resources. Each year, 4,000 students transfer to UNT

Helpful Resources

The Career Center, Learning Center and our team of professional academic advisors are among the many valuable resources available to you at UNT. The Career Center can provide advice about internships, future employment opportunities and how to get hands-on experience in your major. The Learning Center offers workshops on speed reading, study skills and time management. Academic advisors are available to help you plan your class schedule each semester.