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On Campus
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2-3 semesters
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Add to your education by learning more about ancient Greek and Roman civilizations.
History encompasses all aspects of past human endeavor; it encourages students to think broadly and to attempt to integrate all of their knowledge into a meaningful whole. Minoring in Classical Studies develops a better appreciation of art, architecture, ideas and politics.

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Why Earn a Classical Studies Minor?

The classical studies minor allows you to explore all facets of the ancient world, including language, religion, philosophy, and literature. You'll have the chance to visit the sites of ancient culture and events through our numerous study abroad opportunities.

Classical Studies Minor Highlights

This program helps you develop transferrable skills, such as thinking critically and written communication, which can prepare you for a variety of careers.
Students become proficient in Greek and Latin and understand how languages work.
Faculty include top experts in their fields.

Classical Studies Minor Courses You Could Take

Jew, Greek and Roman: Backgrounds of Early Christianity (3 hrs)
Historical introduction to the origins and early spread of the world’s largest religion. Historical climate into which Christianity first emerged
Origins of Civilization (3 hrs)
Comparative study of the cultural, technological and ecological patterns of change leading to urban civilizations. Surveys the archaeological evidence for the domestication of plants and animals, and the emergence of villages.
Ancient and Medieval Women, Gender and Sexuality (3 hrs)
Study of women, gender and sexuality in ancient and medieval civilizations, approached through primary sources from the Ancient Near East (including the Hebrew Bible), Greece, Rome, early Christianity and the Middle Ages.
Topics in Latin Literature (3 hrs)
Readings in classical, medieval or Renaissance Latin literature. Emphasis is on reading fluency grounded in aesthetic and historical appreciation.
Being A Roman: A Day in Ancient Rome (3 hrs)
Immersion in the everyday life of ancient Romans though primary and secondary sources. Emphasis on advanced grammar and vocabulary, and various aspects of Roman civilization. Focus on Roman political, economic and social life.
Classical Literature and Mythology (3 hrs)
Selected works of literature from ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt and global indigenous cultures. Arranged around a common theme, with emphasis on mythology.

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