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On Campus
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2-3 semesters
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Add to your education by getting a better understanding of current events and a better appreciation of architecture, art, ideas and politics.
History encompasses all aspects of past human endeavor; it encourages students to think broadly and to attempt to integrate all of their knowledge into a meaningful whole. From history, a person develops a better understanding of current events and a better appreciation of art, architecture, ideas, politics, and fellow human beings and their activities. It also provides a guide for the future.

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Why Earn a History Minor?

The study of history is important for journalists, teachers, business people, theologians, politicians, scientists, lawyers, librarians, archivists, museologists and those in many other professions. Students planning any career could benefit from minoring in history or from choosing history courses for electives. History is an interest many students retain for life.

Course offerings range from American political and Constitutional development to ancient and modern Europe to modern China. Some courses are available online.

History Minor Highlights

No matter your career path, you can benefit from majoring in history or taking history classes as electives because of the understanding and perspectives you gain.
Advertising firms, historical societies, museums, libraries and publishers are potential employers of students with history backgrounds.
The History Help Center and the Kingsbury-Thomason Departmental Library can assist you with preparing for exams and writing papers.
Other vital on-campus resources are the Military History Center and the University Libraries.
Five faculty members have been Fellows of the Texas State Historical Association, recognized for their published works related to Texas history.
Faculty members have published dozens of award-winning books.

History Minor Courses You Could Take

United States History to 1865 (3 hrs)
From colonial origins through the Civil War.
United States History Since 1865 (3 hrs)
From the Civil War to the present.
Hollywood and the Wild West (3 hrs)
Introduction to the critical study of western films from an historical perspective.
War Crimes, Genocide, and Justice (3 hrs)
An examination of war crimes, genocides, and the development of international law to seek justice for these actions from antiquity to the present.
History of Tejanos/as (3 hrs)
History of Tejanos/as is a general inquiry into the historical and cultural heritage of Tejanos/as who have lived or are currently living in what is today the Lone Star State.
Making of the Modern South (3 hrs)
Examines the social, political and cultural history of the American South as a distinct region of the United States from 1865 to the present.

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