Program type:

Graduate Academic Certificate

On Campus
Est. time to complete:

1 year
Credit Hours:

Bolster your credentials with a certificate from one of the best Hospitality Management programs in the nation.
The Graduate Academic Certificate in Hospitality Management provides professionals with a bachelor's degree a path to increase their knowledge in hospitality management to meet professional or academic credentials. It allows those with a graduate degree the ability to add specific academic knowledge for credentials related to teaching in higher education.

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Why earn a degree in Hospitality Management Certificate?

The purpose of the 12-hour graduate academic certificate is to offer professionals in hospitality, tourism or other allied industries the opportunity to build skills and knowledge in critical analysis and subject content.

Courses are taught by knowledgeable and supportive faculty members who are actively involved in research involving hospitality operations, legal and regulatory aspects, marketing of hospitality services, sustainability, curriculum development, information technology and global consumer issues impacting the hospitality industry.

After being advised by a graduate coordinator, you will complete 12 hours of content-based courses in your area of specialization. All 12 hours must be completed through UNT and with CMHT (CMHT and HMGT) courses. All certificates may be completed with 100% online courses. Some certificate programs have resident campus course options.

Hospitality Management Certificate Highlights

As a graduate student, you can take advantage of networking and job opportunities with an active industry board of governors, an extensive annual Hospitality Career Expo and other professional events.
You have a total of four years to complete the graduate academic certificate.
Certificate students who choose to continue in a graduate degree program are required to meet all the admission requirements, including GPA, and prerequisites of students seeking a degree in CMHT. Satisfactory work (minimum of a B grade) on graduate courses may be applied to a 36-hour degree upon advisement of the graduate coordinator.
The HTM Graduate Coordinator serves as the major advisor for students completing their degree plan.
You’ll examine critical subjects that the industry will face in the future such as: changing demographics of the workforce and consumers; emphasis on technology and quality management; entrepreneurship and restaurant development from concept to operation; impact of tourism on the global economy; legal requirements in lodging and restaurant management and maximizing human resources and industry profits.

Hospitality Management Certificate Courses You Could Take

Hotel and Restaurant OperationsTheory and Analysis (3 hrs)
Study of hotel and restaurant management operations problems, including the areas of budgeting, human resource scheduling and payroll control, sales forecasting, costing and financial statement analysis. Students are actively involved in writing and discussing cases on current operations issues.
Promotional Strategies (3 hrs)
Analyze internal, external and situational factors that influence promotion strategies including advertising, public relations, promotions and salesmanship. Formulate and judge promotion strategies that generate added economic value to textile, apparel, home furnishings or hospitality products or companies.
Service Excellence (3 hrs)
Explores the dynamics of service excellence in the merchandising and hospitality industries. How consumer-driven trends motivate service approaches, management and training procedures and their impact in the marketplace.
Restaurant Development (3 hrs)
Identification, examination and application of restaurant development principles. Topics include menu planning, service styles, dining room and kitchen design, materials purchasing and receiving, food production techniques, accounting and financial management and merchandising.

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