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On Campus
Est. time to complete:

4 years
Credit Hours:

Enhance the well-being of individuals and families through research and community engagement.
Human Development and Family Science (HDFS) students study individuals and families in their own and other cultures while learning how a family, workplace, school, community, and the larger culture affect and are affected by the individual.

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Why earn a degree in Human Development and Family Science Degree with a concentration in Community and Family Services?

This concentration is a great option for students who want to work with families and/or children but not necessarily in a classroom setting.

During your first semesters in the program, you will learn about:

  • Career options related to HDFS
  • Developmental and family theories used to guide research
  • Human development
  • Observation and assessment of human beings
Marketable Skills
  • Apply knowledge to practice
  • Apply practical tools for working effectively with others
  • Multicultural/diversity competencies
  • Teamwork
  • Oral and written communication

Human Development and Family Science Degree with a concentration in Community and Family Services Highlights

Advocate for diversity and multicultural education.
Accommodate each student’s education to their desired career.
Use and model best practices in all areas of our program.
Provide students with a strong foundation for working with children and families in different ways.

What can you do with a Human Development and Family Science Degree?

Career areas include:

  • University Student Services
  • Human Services Administrator
  • Camp or Recreation Supervisor
  • Childcare Center Director
  • Childcare Worker
  • Probation and Corrections Officer
  • Social and Community Service Managers

Human Development and Family Science Degree with a concentration in Community and Family Services Courses You Could Take

Infant and Toddler Intervention and Education (3 hrs)
The course focuses on roles of professionals and parents/caregivers in fostering individual infant and toddler development through appropriate interactions and care, safe and healthy environments, and developmental intervention.
Administration of Programs for Children, Youth and Families (3 hrs)
This course focuses on analysis of programs, personnel policies, facility administration and related topics for teachers and administrators who work with children, youth and families.
Family Life Education (3 hrs)
Student will learn the practice and process of family life education and training of professionals in the child development and family field.
Foundations of Philanthropy and Nonprofits (3 hrs)
This is a foundational course for students interested in a career in nonprofit leadership studies. It includes examination of the philosophy, values, roles and responsibilities in nonprofit studies in today’s society.
Child Welfare Practice and Services (3 hrs)
This course presents the history of child welfare practices, social institutions, policy development, and the social service delivery system. Utilizing a trauma-informed lens, the dynamics of child abuse and neglect, family structures, support systems and methods of intervention will be examined.
Families in Crisis (3 hrs)
This course examines the experiences and outcomes of individuals and families in crisis. Family adjustment (prior to crisis) and adaptation (post-crisis) to stress, perceptions of crises, individual and family resources and coping strategies will be explored and analyzed.

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