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On Campus
Est. time to complete:

4 years
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Promote the healthy development of individuals across the lifespan.
Human Development and Family Science students explore the science of development across the life span of relationships within children, adolescence, adulthood, and aging.

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Why earn a degree in Human Development and Family Science Degree with a concentration in Individual and Family Development Across the Lifespan?

This concentration is a great option for students interested in human development across the lifespan who want to work with families and/or individuals (of any age) but not necessarily within a classroom setting that requires a teaching credential.

During your first semesters in the program, you will learn about:

  • Career options related to Human Development and Family Science
  • Developmental and family theories used to guide research
  • Human development
  • Observation and assessment of human beings
Marketable Skills
  • Apply knowledge to practice
  • Apply practical tools for working effectively with others
  • Multicultural/diversity competencies
  • Teamwork
  • Oral and written communication

Human Development and Family Science Degree with a concentration in Individual and Family Development Across the Lifespan Highlights

Explore the impact of gender, socioeconomics, race/ethnicity, culture, and immigrant status on human development and family relationships.
Learn about the types of variation in human growth and change.
Examine how individuals and families function and develop over the lifespan.

What Can You do with a Human Development and Family Science Degree?

Career areas include:

  • Relationship and parenting education
  • Afterschool/youth development programs
  • Cooperative Extension
  • Military youth and family services
  • Crisis shelters and centers
  • Foster care and adoption
  • Older adult support programs
  • Family/social service agencies
  • Child/family policy analysis and advocacy
  • Refugee and immigrant support programs

Human Development and Family Science Degree with a concentration in Individual and Family Development Across the Lifespan Courses You Could Take

Courtship and Marriage (3 hrs)
This course is the study of dating, courtship, and marriage relationships.
Family Resource Management (3 hrs)
Students will learn the application of principles of family resource management includes goal setting; decision making; and time, energy, financial, and consumer management.
Current Research in Family Science (3 hrs)
Students will explore current research and theory as it applies to family systems in social contexts and includes analyzing literature regarding issues that impact families.
Family Life and Human Sexuality (3 hrs)
This course emphasizes issues related to sexual health from historical, physiological, psychological, social, and cross-cultural perspectives. It incorporates a multicultural, multiethnic perspective on human sexuality, reflecting the diversity of sexual experiences in our society and world.
Psychology of Adult Development and Aging (3 hrs)
Topics include personality, cognitive, social, and sensory-perceptual aspects of development from early adulthood through death. Emphasis is on the development of a comprehensive understanding of the adult portion of the life span.
The Impact of Culture on Individuals and Families (3 hrs)
This course is the study of diverse cultural and societal dynamics that influence individuals and families. It focuses is on dimensions of culture, ethnicity, economic status, religion, gender, and lifestyle that affect individual development and family functioning.

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